Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Gets Epic New Launch Day Trailer

Nothing stand in the way of Guts and his crew in the launch day trailer of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Koei Tecmo celebrates the release of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk by releasing an action filled launch trailer.

The trailer shows many of the characters that players will be able to bring into battle and take down hordes of enemy soldiers. Based on the Berserk manga series, the game aims to bring the characters and the story to life in musou style gameplay.

The publisher details further:

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk blends the signature ‘one versus thousands’ style action from the long-running Warriors franchise with the grim and gruesome atmosphere of Berserk. Fans of either series and newcomers alike will enjoy a gripping, action-packed adventure as they harness the powers of iconic characters such as Guts and Griffith to slash and smash through hordes of enemies.

Players familiar with the Warriors series of hack and slash titles will be able to feel the difference in gameplay through the way each character handles combat. For example, Guts’ massive Dragonslayer Great Sword allows for devastating attacks, and players will subsequently feel the weight of the weapon throughout battle. Alongside a vast array of weapons and sub-weapons, playable characters also possess devastating abilities that must be “awakened” to draw out their true potential. Players can take advantage of Guts’ Berserker Armor to unleash deadly blows, Griffith’s demonic Femto form to deal swift bursts of damage, and Zodd’s giant Apostle form to effortlessly topple foes. The game also incorporates various battle mechanics to better bring the world of Berserk to life, such as Magic and Transformations.

An endless swarm of enemies awaits those brave enough to take on the game’s Endless Eclipse Mode, where players can prove their worth as they go toe to toe with countless enemies in the formidable Eclipse dimension. Offering a unique and challenging respite from the main story, the new mode has players fighting for their life as they rush to complete various missions to overcome the deadly Eclipse. Those who manage to withstand the challenge will find themselves better equipped to tackle the main game mode.

Additionally, the publisher released a new character trailer for Zodd showing him plow through foes using his brute strength.

DualShockers reviewed Berserk and the Band of the Hawk and we thought it was good, praising it for it’s awesome character design and story. The game is available now on PS4, PS Vita, and PC.

You can watch the two new trailers below:

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