Berserk Chapter 364 Official Preview Spoilers Revealed

Preview spoilers for chapter 364

By Iyane Agossah

August 10, 2021

A special ad for the return of Berserk with chapter 364 has surfaced, showing several panels from the chapter and acting as an official spoiler preview. This will be the first chapter released since Kentarou Miura passed away.

Needless to say, this story contains spoilers if you haven’t read Berserk up to chapter 363.

ELDEN RING – Official Gameplay Reveal

ELDEN RING – Official Gameplay Reveal

Berserk chapter 364 preview spoilers explained

The preview of chapter 364 is from an official advertisement which should be published in the next few days by Young Animal, the magazine publishing Berserk. However, a Japanese blog shared it on August 10, leaking it ahead of its official reveal. The ad teases the special memorial and messages for Kentarou Miura booklet, alongside chapter 364, and features several panels from it.

  • ELDEN RING – Berserk references in the latest trailer listed

The preview shows the chapter will continue from where chapter 363 ended. With Guts encountering the mysterious kid that has been appearing and disappearing multiple times during his journey. We can also spot Casca meeting with the kid, which is their first meeting since she regained her sense. Guts’ party members are also seen in a panel. Lastly, we can see a character with Griffith-like hair appearing.

Some fans are speculating that’s Griffith himself. Some believe it’s the kid turning into Griffith, seeing the ends of the hairs are black. Personally, I’d say the kid will transform into an adult form, which will look similar to Griffith, with similar hair. In any case, I believe it’s way too early to judge and we need to wait for the full chapter. It’s possible we won’t even have a concise answer yet either and will have to wait for the next chapter.

  • KENTAROU MIURA – Assistant comments on Berserk’s future, Miura’s health

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Kentarou Miura passed away on May 6, 2021 due to acute aortic dissection. He was 54 years old. Later on, one of his assistants noted it’s not impossible the manga would continue. And now it is continuing, though it’s very likely chapter 364 was the final chapter Miura directly worked on. So it’s likely future chapters won’t be coming as fast. For now we can only wait.

Dark fantasy manga Berserk was a huge influence on several anime, games manga, and novels in Japan and beyond. The most popular example is the Souls series by FromSoftware, which is pretty much an unlicensed adaptation of Berserk.

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