Berserk's Editorial Reportedly Wants To Continue The Manga

By Shivam Gulati

September 7, 2021

Update: Recently, Studio Gaga’s letter at the end of chapter 364 surfaced online. And after reading the letter, we found that that the editorial wants to continue with what “Miura’s would’ve wished if he was here.” However, they aren’t sure if Miura’s wish would be to continue or to end the series with chapter 364.

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Berserk fans are finally close to getting Chapter 364 of the popular manga series. The upcoming chapter will presumably end the series; however, there’s a small chance that the Berserk manga might continue.

Written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura, Berserk is a popular Japanese manga that began in 1989. As of May 2021, the manga published around 363 chapters collected over 40 volumes. However, the entire community was shaken after Kentaro Miura passed away in May 2021 due to an aortic dissection.

A few months after Miura passed away, Studio Gaga confirmed that Berserk would get a new chapter on September 10th, 2021. Besides that, Volume 41 of the manga is scheduled to come out in Japan on December 24th, 2021.

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Berserk Golden Age Trilogy Part 1 – Egg Of The King Trailer

Berserk Golden Age Trilogy Part 1 – Egg Of The King Trailer

The Future of Berserk

Chapter 364 is reportedly the last chapter Miura worked on, and it got completed by the author’s assistants at Studio Gaga. So, of course, everyone thinks that the upcoming chapter would be the last Berserk chapter. But as reported by Manga Mogura RE on Twitter, the manga’s editorial “wants” to continue the series, as they think that would be the wish of Kentarou Miura.

Of course, this comes as a ray of hope for the Berserk fans who want the series to continue. However, the editorial note in the upcoming Young Animal issue also states that the studio still didn’t decide anything on the series’ continuation. In short, although Miura’s assistants want to proceed with Berserk, it’s still uncertain if they would decide to do so.

Unfortunately, it’s still too soon to put a pin on anything until Studio Gaga gives an official statement. But the good news is that we at least have one more Berserk chapter to look forward to in 2021. And if Miura’s assistants will decide to continue the series, we’ll hopefully hear about it by the end of this year.

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