Best Buy Joins the Trade In Wagon

Best Buy Joins the Trade In Wagon


With Best Buy already having a trade-in system built into their site, the company is looking to expand the option to 600 all of its stores, with it finally spreading to all the rest  by October. With the trade-ins, customers in turn will also be able to buy used games in stores.

The trade-in system is like the others out there: the more recent and popular the game you want to trade is, the more money the customer will be able to receive. For example, if a person was to trade in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, they will be able to get $13-$17 according to Best Buy’s online trade-in calculator. While you’re getting the $17, Best Buy in turn, is re-selling the game as used for $35. A new one? At least $60, of course.

Best Buy isn’t the only store trying to cash in on the idea that made, and keeps GameStop on the top of the money pile. Businesses like Walmart, Amazon, and also most recently, Target, have started trade-in programs as well. Target has even expanded its trade-in program to include cell phones and iPods.

But with GameStop being the long time king of trade-ins, will all of the other companies be able to compete?