Best Buy Misfires the Release Date of Diablo III, but it Probably was a Dud.

Best Buy Misfires the Release Date of Diablo III, but it Probably was a Dud.

With the endless saga about the delay of the rating of Diablo III in South Korea, many think that the Asian country is holding the western release date back. Best Buy didn’t seem to think so, as the retailer created in-store ads dating the game for February the 1st. The retailer’s online shop has, at the moment, the same release date.

One of the ads was displayed (probably by an overzealous employee) at the store in Rochester, Minnesota, and a resourceful customer that goes by the nickname “Sasquatchxing” snapped the picture that you can see past the cut:


The poster was quite obviously made by Best Buy itself, and not provided by Blizzard, especially given that “February” is mispelled. The manager of the store told Joystiq that it was taken down at the request of the General Manager because “the manufacturer has been “not very firm” in picking a launch date”. Well, yeah, I think everyone noticed the “not very firm” part already…

Blizzard’s community manager Micah Whipple commented multiple times on Twitter, denying the alleged release date quite firmly:

We can’t really keep every individual retail shop from making up a date.

Retailers will not know a date until its officially announced through a press release.

Honestly the rumor seemed quite far fetched since the very beginning. I definitely doubt Blizzard would announce a firm release date of one of it’s most anticipated games less than a month before said release. It’s not practical and would just cause problems with logistics and distribution.

But don’t worry, as soon as the press release Whipple talks about will be sent, you’ll be the first to know.