Best Buy Selling Portal 2 On PC/Mac At Mad Cheap Price

By Justin Hutchison

April 16, 2011

I assure you, the only shooping in that image is the “mad cheap yo” and the arrows and square. Aside from that, totally legit.  Best Buy is selling Portal 2 on PC/Mac for $35. If you haven’t already pre-ordered it on Steam and don’t care about the chance of getting it early if the [email protected] promotion pays off, here’s a pretty cheap way to get a hold of what is looking like the must-play game of the year.

Though if you have a PS3 and also care about playing the game on your PC, Amazon’s still doing their preorder bonus of $20 Amazon Vidjagame Bucks for the PS3 version (and since it’s the PS3 version, it comes with the PC version), so if you use Amazon for game purchases a lot, that one’s a slightly better value, so long as you have a PS3 as well.

Either way, it seems like retailers are really competing to get as many copies of this game out the door as possible. This game was already set to sell pretty well, but they really want to wring it for all they can, it seems.

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