Pokemon GO: Best Element Cup Team - GO Battle League Season 8, June/July 2021

By Sam Woods

June 28, 2021

While the Great, Ultra and Master Leagues are always a blast in Pokemon GO’s PVP Mode, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up.

Thankfully, Niantic is on hand to help with that as players regularly get new “cups” to compete in, alongside the Leagues.

The latest competition that players can do battle in is called the “Element Cup”.

So, with that in mind, here are the top 25 eligible Pokemon and the Best Element Cup team compositions you can make from them.

Return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl!

Return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl!

What Are The Cup Rules?

The Element Cup rules are simple (and interesting).

The only Pokemon that are eligible are:

  • First Stage evolutions that can evolve.
  • Only Fire/Grass/Water-type Pokemon are eligible (however, dual-type Pokemon can also compete, providing one of their types is Fire, Grass or Water).
  • Max CP of 500.

Top 25 Pokemon

These are the top 25(ish) Pokemon available in the Element Cup according to PVPoke.

  • Ducklett – Wing Attack/Aerial Ace/Brave Bird
  • Cottonee – Charm/Grass Knot/Seed Bomb
  • Bulbasaur (inc Shadow) – Vine Whip/Seed Bomb/Sludge Bomb
  • Growlithe (Shadow) – Ember/Body Slam/Flamethrower
  • Vulpix (Shadow) – Ember/Weather Ball/Body Slam
  • Chikorita – Vine Whip/Body Slam/Grass Knot
  • Oddish (Shadow) – Razor Leaf/Sludge Bomb/Seed Bomb
  • Chinchou – Spark/Thunderbolt/Bubble Beam
  • Turtwig (Shadow) – Razor Leaf/Body Slam/Seed Bomb
  • Budew – Razor Leaf/Grass Knot/Energy Ball
  • Seel – Ice Shard/Aqua Tail/Icy Wind
  • Tentacool – Poison Sting/Wrap/Bubble Beam
  • Tepig – Ember/Body Slam/Flame Charge
  • Exeggcute (Shadow) – Confusion/Seed Bomb/Ancient Power
  • Lotad (XL) – Razor Leaf/Energy Ball/Bubble Beam
  • Wooper – Mud Shot/Body Slam/Mud Bomb
  • Sewaddle – Bug Bite/Seed Bomb/Silver Wind
  • Foongus – Feint Attack/Body Slam/Grass Knot
  • Chespin – Vine Whip/Body Slam/Seed Bomb
  • Slowpoke (Shadow) – Confusion/Psyshock/Psychic
  • Paras – Bug Bite/Cross Poison/Seed Bomb
  • Hoppip (XL) – Bullet Seed/Seed Bomb/Return
  • Shroomish – Bullet Seed/Grass Knot/Seed Bomb
  • Slugma – Rock Throw/Rock Slide/Flame Charge
  • Poliwag (Shadow) – Mud Shot/Body Slam/Mud Bomb
  • Binacle – Scratch/Cross Chop/Ancient Power
  • Litwick – Ember/Flame Charge/Flame Burst
  • Darumaka – Fire Fang/Fire Punch/Flame Charge

Best Element Cup Team Choices – June/July 2021

Here are what we think are going to be some of the most competitive teams going forward:

  • Ducklett/Cottonee/Growlithe
  • Litwick/Chinchou/Bulbasaur
  • Oddish/Vulpix/Seel
  • Tentacool/Exeggcute/Darumaka
  • Ducklett/Litwick/Chikorita

While none of these teams will win every battle, as a lot rides on what your opponent chooses, they’re decided upon with a few things in mind; weaknesses/resistances, coverage, moves and stats.

As long as, when you make your teams, you choose from the above Pokemon following a similar rational as ours, you have a good chance. I’d definitely recommend picking one Pokemon of each type though!

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