Best Friends Give Up Day Job to Make Action RPG Roguelite Game About Dreams and Nightmares

Best Friends Give Up Day Job to Make Action RPG Roguelite Game About Dreams and Nightmares

Three best friends follow their dreams and come together to make a nightmare fueled RPG Roguelite title that follows the internal struggles of a girl called Cassidy

We are in a world where we’re told to “follow your dreams”, but that’s not always possible, as much as we crave it. It takes amazing courage, hope, faith and sheer determination to build a new life based on your passion, but that’s something three audacious best friends decided to do when their dream was to make a game together.

Although it’s not clear what the friends were working at before they made their minds up that they truly belonged in the gaming world, but I can hazard a guess that it wasn’t nearly as exciting as composing an RPG roguelite title together. So, what is this game they are working on exactly you ask? The title of the game is called Dreamscaper, which is built using Unreal Engine 4. You follow the story of Cassidy who has had a very traumatic event happen in her life, she is also a lucid dreamer so every time she falls asleep, she must battle nightmares that have transpired into her dreams to save her own soul.

My two best friends and I quit our jobs to make a game about battling your nightmares from r/gaming

With each sleep Cassidy falls into brings new and stronger nightmarish monsters that force her to use an array of different skills to overcome, one being that she can use magic and lucid abilities to help you combat them. Every slumber Cassidy falls into is a different dungeon to explore and defeat in this combat-rich title that has a heavy focus on deep combat mechanics and interlinking systems.

The developers are hoping for a late 2019 or early 2020 launch date on Nintendo Switch and PC, but they have stated that a Dreamscapers  will be available to play at some stage this year.

Roguelite titles have increasingly become more popular with games like Dead Cells and The Binding of Issac being favored among the gaming community, so there’s definitely a market for a title like this and by the sound of it, it has a really engaging and captivating storyline too, something I’m looking forward to personally playing.

To follow the development of this title and any other news they bring out, head over to their Twitter page and give your support to Indie developers.