Best Game Builder Garage Codes For Games You Should Play - GTA, Doom, Flappy Bird, Donkey Kong & More

Use these Game Builder Garage codes to play lots of exciting games!

Developed and published by Nintendo, the Game Builder Garage is a new programming-based game that was released recently.

It is a game where you create other games by using a visual programming language that is based on the concept of creatures called Nodon — which represents input, game output, and game logic. There are built-in lessons in the game to help creators understand the concept of Nodon.

But if you are unable to grasp the concepts of building games right away, you can check out creations of other players via Game Builder Garage codes. Check out the compilation of the best IDs below!

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Game Builder Garage – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Game Builder Garage – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Top 10 Game Builder Garage ID For Popular Games

The best part of Game Builder Garage is that it not only allows you to create games but also share them with other players who own this game. The creations can be shared via the Nintendo Switch Online service or locally.

It is to be noted that there is no in-game browser to access the games. But players can enter Game Builder Garage codes to access the creations of other players.

Several players have created new games or remakes of popular games. In this article, we shall discuss some of the best games and share their Garage IDs for it:

1. GTA: Garage Edition

That’s right! You can now enjoy a GTA like game on your Nintendo Switch. Players can roll around the city and the streets and find treasure chests to win. There are little Easter eggs and extra activities too in the game.

Code: G-003-871-HBP

2. Donkey Kong

It is a recreation of the original Donkey Kong that you must check out!

Code: G-005-FPJ-C85

3. Doom Eternal

You can now play the Switch version of Doom Eternal in Game Builder Garage.

Code: G-000-2HV-VLG

4. Flappy Bird

You can now play the iconic Flappy Bird on Switch using Game Builder Garage code.

Code: G-002-KNG-M34

5. Rocket League

This is a ported version of Rocket League that you can check out.

Code: G-001-2TF-CDY

6. Trash Bandicoot

You need to grab all the wumpa fruits and avoid the nitro crates to beat this game! Can you?

Code: G-008-2PT-0KT

7. Sonic 3D 

The creator of this game has added boost and custom sprite animations to make it more fun for you.

Code: G-008-T70-PX3

8. Warioware: Metroid

It is a recreation of the Metroid minigame from WarioWare where you have to defeat mother brain before the time runs out.

Code: G-001-7MX-NBG

9. Amogus

It is based on the popular game Among Us and it is one of the most shared Game Builder Garage code.

Code: G-001-6NM-7VB

10. Monster Truck Race

This one is for the racing game fans. In this game, you drive a monster truck through a sand course and take tight turns and sick jumps to finish the lap.

Code: G-001-FHM-XKH

Have fun with Game Builder Garage

So these were some of the best creations that you can check out. For more codes for Game Builder Garage, you can visit Reddit or MyGarageGames to find both new and popular creations.

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