The Best Games You Missed in 2019

Thought this year was an off-year for video games? Think again, buddy! Here are 8 of the best games you missed in 2019.

By Michael Ruiz

December 20, 2019

This year has been an odd year for gaming, hasn’t it? We may not have followed a boy and his godly father or became a cowboy in one of the most realized worlds in a video game, but 2019 was filled with bangers, some of which I will remember for years to come. With it being such an “off” year, there are certainly games we have yet to play, as they may have just fallen off of the radar while you were playing Resident Evil 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Here are some of the best games you probably missed in 2019:

Outer Wilds

Arguably the most talked-about indie game of the year, Outer Wilds is not just considered a great game you may have missed; it is widely considered one of the best games this year. Truly a test of your imagination and patience, Mobius Digital’s debut expertly crafts a narrative with your own experiences. Whether it’s exploring a new planet, or solving a puzzle that had you banging your head for hours, Outer Wilds will leave a strong impression on you when your adventure inevitably ends.

Our Review Score: 8.5

Baba is You

Developed by Hempuli, Baba is You is a puzzle game unlike any other. DualShockers contributor, Chris Compendio, gave the perfect description of the game:

“Like a lot of first romantic partners, people have had, Baba is You is confusing, and seemingly has everything you need to know about them written all over like a book, yet there is so much it just won’t tell you about itself.”

Essentially, the game presents you with a set of conditionals, with one of those conditions being a win condition. However, those conditions can be altered in several ways that are legitimately brain-melting. Although it shows just a taste, the trailer above shows a bit of gameplay that represents how wacky this game can be. Baba is You is such an anomaly and definitely deserves your attention.

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Our Review Score: 8.0

Void Bastards

This is a game I am currently playing and really enjoying. Combining elements from the immersive sim and roguelike genres, Blue Manchu’s Void Bastards is such a fun, bombastic adventure brimming with varying possibilities. It’s also just goofy as hell, which is something I’ve come to appreciate as most of the biggest games tend to accentuate the “dark” and “gritty.”

If you haven’t seen any gameplay of Void Bastards, it is a first-person shooter where you explore randomly generated space stations to find a bunch of junk. Most of the items you’ll find with aid in your progress, even after death. Its FPS gameplay is not as great as the tried and true mechanics of the Call of Duty franchise, but it is just as fun. The cel-shaded comic book style presentation makes it one of the most stylish games of 2019. Void Bastards is a worthwhile spacefaring romp that won’t take too much of your time.


To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about Indivisible. What I do know is staff writer Cameron Hawkins would hunt me down if I did not put this game on this list. So, here we are, with Indivisible.

Despite that, Cam’s passion for this game is unparalleled, and in tandem with his review, he has convinced me to check it out. Lab Zero Games expertly blends the platformer and RPG genre within a beautifully animated package that impresses. In his review, Cam says, “Indivisible is a platformer action RPG whose mixture of gameplay is blended wonderfully into one of my favorite experiences in the genre.”  Alongside a well-told story, I can see why anyone would want to pick up Indivisible.

Our Review Score: 9.5

Disco Elysium

Have you ever wanted to be a cop who goes on a drinking binge, only to not remember a single thing from the past few days. What if we took that a step further, and you had full-blown amnesia? Well, then Disco Elysium is for you. In all seriousness, ZA/UM’s open-world RPG is a tour de force in storytelling and world-building.

While there are moments of action in Disco Elysium, it is the conversations you have with the people of Revachol that make up most of the game’s gameplay. While dialogue-focused gameplay may not seem all that exciting, I can assure you, it is incredibly well done. In our review, contributor Steve Santana said of Disco Elysium, “I really enjoyed my time with it, especially because of the characters, the mechanics of the inner dialogue, and the overall fiction of the world from its history to the small part of a church that absorbs all sound.”

Our Review Score: 9.0

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Every year, I feel like there is always one sleeper hit that stands out among the rest of the year’s releases. Since this year was essentially filled with sleeper hits, it has been difficult to discern which game really represents that title. Out of everything that came out in 2019, A Plague Tale: Innocence is one I think hasn’t really received the recognition it deserves.

In truth, I don’t think there is a single facet from A Plague Tale: Innocence that really stands out. But everything just works together so well, creating a thrilling experience. Mostly consisting of stealth and puzzle-solving, Asobo Studio tells a genuinely great tale set during the Hundred Years’ War and The Black Death.

Our Review Score: 8.5

Samurai Shodown

There are a few games on this list that will be on my personal Game of the Year list. SNK’s return to Samurai Shodown is the first of them. As such, I don’t want to say too much.

I will say that it is arguably the best fighting game in the generation, and really sticks out among the rest of the games in its respective genre thanks to its unique, slower-paced mechanics. Samurai Shodown exudes style, and is a game you will not want to sleep on, especially if you like competitive games.

Our Review Score: 9.0


Remember when I said a few games on this list will be on my personal Game of the Year list? Spoilers: this is the other one. Judgment has everything. There’s drama, romance, mystery, horror, a man who steals panties. It is so utterly ridiculous, but it is so well done. I could not stop playing through Yagami’s adventure until its brilliant end.

For those who don’t know, Judgment is the latest from Yakuza developers, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. Again, without saying too much so I don’t just repeat myself in a few days, if you enjoyed Kazuma Kiryu’s adventure, you will absolutely love Judgment.

Our Review Score: 8.5

Obviously, these aren’t the only games you may have missed during 2019. There were loads of great titles that released during 2019 despite it being less glamorous than prior years. Personally, this year has been one of my favorites with multiple games I can say are some of my favorites this generation. What are some of your favorite games you think the gamers are missing out on? Let us know in the comments below.

Speaking of gaming in 2019, our Game of the Year content is just around the corner. We’ll have tons of lists from DualShockers’ own staff, as well as a sitewide Game of the Year discussion for your pleasure. If you want to get in on the discussion, we currently have a “Readers’ Choice” category for Game of the Year where you get to have your voice heard. Make sure to vote before the cutoff time, on December 22, at 11;59 PM Pacific Time.

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