Best Muslim Superheroes Other Than Ms. Marvel You Should Know About

Ms. Marvel is not the only Muslim superhero. DC and Marvel universe have a long list of other great Muslim superheroes.

June 15, 2022

Movies and TV shows are not just about entertainment and fun. They have an everlasting impact on the minds of the viewers. From breaking the long-going stereotype about a particular community to giving cultural knowledge to the people, the diversification in movies and TV shows can act as an eye-opener. Marvel and DC universe is the epitome of diversification we are talking about. From Norse gods like Thor, Egyptian superheroes like Moon Knight, and Greek saviors like Wonder Woman, the list of heroes with different origins is a long one in DC and Marvel.

The new Marvel TV show, Ms. Marvel, started just recently on Disney Plus. It’s about a Pakistani-American girl, Kamala Khan, who gains superpowers after wearing a mysterious bangle given by her grandmother. After seeing the amazing powers of the new Muslim superhero, people wonder if there are other superheroes in Marvel and DC universe that belong to the Muslim community. Well, the list is a long one.

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Muslim Superheroes In Marvel And DC universe

1. Dust

Sooraya Qadir, also known as Dust, is an Afghanistan-born Marvel superhero kidnapped and sold into slavery. But later, Wolverine rescued her. Like her name, Dust suggests, she can turn herself into sand by will and create storms of sand. The storm that she creates is deadly enough to kill anyone. She is hard to detect using the power of telepathy, even for great telepaths like Professor Xavier. Superhuman resistance to injury and magical resistance add to her great powers.

2. Green Lantern

Simon Baz, a.k.a, Green Lantern, had to go through tough times in his childhood as people looked at his family with beady eyes after the World Trade Center attack. Consequently, he also had to fight and save his sister from the bullies several times. Unlike other Green Lanterns, Simon Baz has a unique power of foresight in the near future. Simon is a skilled combatant as he is trained by Wonder Woman. Skilled in all types of weapons, superhuman strength, and a great hand in automobile engineering make him a perfect superhero.

3. Monet St. Croix

She might sound Christian by her name, but Monet is a Muslim Marvel superhero born in Bosnia. Monet is the daughter of rich and wealthy Cartier St. Croix, who goes into trauma thinking that Monet is dead after Marius traps her in his magic. Both her physical and mental capabilities are far beyond the reach of a normal human being. She can fly at high speed, read minds with telepathic powers, use telekinesis, and take various other forms by combining with her siblings.

4. Nightrunner

Bilal Aisselah, also known as Nightrunner, looks like Batman, doesn’t he? Well, he is an alias of Batman and had worked with him on various occasions. Bilal decided to become a vigilante and save the city from evil after his friend died in a protest. After encountering Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, Bilal gets his superhero training, and he is appointed as the Batman in Paris. His parkour skills are great enough to keep up with Batman. Being trained by Batman himself, he has exceptional combat skills.

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5. Dr. Faiza Hussain

Faiza wields a legendary sword named Excalibur that she uses to fight evil entities like Plokta, Dracula, and Marrow. She worked alongside Doctor Nemesis and even saved Wolverine’s life in one incident. One of her greatest abilities includes disassembling and reassembling anything to its atomic level, including humans. Given her great medical experience, Doctor Strange and Valkyrie appointed her to the medical team. She is a great healer as she can heal severe wounds. Faiza can even immobilize people for as long as she wishes to.

6. Josiah X

Just like Nightrunner looks like Batman, Josiah X looks like Captain America, doesn’t he? He was born to an African-American man named Isaiah Bradley, a result of the US army’s desire to produce more soldiers like Captain America. Isaiah Bradly became popular by the name Black Captain America. For some time, Josiah lived as a mercenary and killed people for money, but he transformed completely after putting his complete faith in Islam. Just like Captain, Josiah is a trained combatant with superhuman speed, durability, reflexes, healing ability, senses, and intelligence.

7. Kahina Eskandari

Kahina is a Palestinian girl who gained her powers after becoming a subject to experimentation. Also known as Iron Butterfly, Kahina is a member of the Shadow Cabinet, a team led by another superhero, Dharma. She is known to be in love with him. She uses her sword to fight, but that’s not all to her powers. Iron Butterfly can fly at a speed of 250 mph and create lethal blasts of green energy. Using her unique ability, she can mold metal in any possible shape.

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