Pokemon Unite - The Best Pokemon for Beginners

By Sam Woods

July 22, 2021

Pokemon Unite is The Pokemon Company and Tencent’s answer to the likes of League of Legends and Dota.

For many, it will be their first time dipping their toes in the MOBA genre, thanks to the accessible nature, coupled with the familiarity of the Pokemon name.

However, while it may be a little easier than most other MOBAs, there is certainly a level of skill required to be successful in the game.

So, if you’re just starting off and need a little support, here are the best Pokemon for beginners in Pokemon Unite.

Pokémon UNITE Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Pokémon UNITE Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Best Attackers for Beginners


Players will automatically be familiar with Pikachu in Pokemon Unite as, when loading the game, this is the Pokemon that you complete the tutorial with.

The official website classifies Pikachu’s difficulty as “novice” and that’s about right – balanced stats and easy to use moves make this justified. It definitely earns its place as one of the best beginner Pokemon in Unite.


Cinderace, the final evolved form of Sword and Shield starter Scorbunny, is also classed as a novice Pokemon.

Its combination of quick movement speed, coupled with its high attack stat means players should be able to comfortably pick up and play the Striker Pokemon.

Best Speedsters for Beginners


Okay, here me out, Zeraora is classed as an “expert” character, however, as somebody who has only just started playing MOBAs, I’d say it’s one of the best characters for beginners in Pokemon Unite.

While its lack of really good ranged attacks can be annoying, Zeraora is definitely overpowered and therefore, pretty easy to use. Just be prepared for an inevitable nerf.


If you look at any Pokemon Unite tier lists, Talonflame is always near the top.

It’s easy to use, incredibly rapid and has a range of strong attacks that make it a very, very solid pick for beginners.



Charizard is absolutely one of the best Pokemon for beginners in Pokemon Unite.

It goes without saying that it’s really powerful, but the rest of its stats combine to make Charizard well, an All-Rounder…


Garchomp is one of the coolest Pokemon currently available in Pokemon Unite and its All-Rounder status also makes it a strong pick.

It’s a little more difficult to play than some, however, with really well-rounded stats and solid moves, you can’t really go wrong with Garchomp.



Who doesn’t love Snorlax? The big oaf is one of the most popular Pokemon from the mainline games and that’s likely to translate here.

It’s probably the best defender for beginners in Pokemon Unite, although, just don’t expect lightning speed.


Crustle is one of the more obscure choices of Pokemon in Unite, but it’s also one of the best for players who are looking to help defend for their teams.

It has a range of decent moves and some strong defensive stats which mean you can’t really go wrong with it.



If you’ve played a few games of Pokemon Unite, you’ll have undoubtedly come up against your fair share of Eldegoss’ and that’s for good reason.

It’s not only the best Supporter Pokemon for beginners in Unite, but probably the best Supporter overall.

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