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Best Pokemon GO Great League Team/Pokemon - GBL Season 10

November 29, 2021

Pokemon GO’s GO Battle League is back for Season 10, kicking off with the Great League and leaving players deciding on the best team.

With new Pokemon and moves being introduced and other moves being nerfed and buffed, the PVP meta is constantly shifting, meaning players need to adapt.

So, to help you out, here are our best Great League team choices for the GO Battle League Season 10.

Pokémon | Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Trailer

Pokémon | Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Trailer

Best Great League Pokemon – GO Battle League Season 10

According to PVPoke, here are the 30 best Pokemon you can use during Season 10 of Pokemon GO’s GO Battle League.

RankPokemonFast MoveCharge Move 1Charge Move 2
1Galarian StunfiskMud ShotRock SlideEarthquake
2TrevenantShadow ClawSeed BombShadow Ball
3Azumarill XLBubbleIce BeamHydro Pump
4Bastiodon XLSmack DownStone EdgeFlamethrower
5Medicham XLCounterIce PunchPsychic
6AltariaDragon BreathSky AttackMoonblast
7JellicentHexBubble BeamShadow Ball
8RegisteelLock OnFocus BlastFlash Cannon
9Diggersby XLMud ShotFire PunchEarthquake
10ScraftyCounterFoul PlayPower-Up Punch
11Machamp (Shadow)CounterCross ChopRock Slide
12Sableye XLShadow ClawFoul PlayReturn
13Swampert (Shadow)Mud ShotHydro CannonSludge Wave
14SkarmoryAir SlashBrave BirdSky Attack
15Alolan NinetalesPowder SnowWeather BallDazzling Gleam
16Lickitung XLLickBody SlamPower Whip
17MandibuzzSnarlFoul PlayAerial Ace
18CresseliaPsycho CutGrass KnotMoonblast
19CofagrigusShadow ClawShadow BallPsychic
20UmbreonSnarlFoul PlayLast Resort
21Abomasnow (Shadow)Powder SnowWeather BallEnergy Ball
22DewgongIcy ShardIcy WindWater Pulse
23Defense DeoxysCounterThunderboltPsycho Boost
24ZweilousDragon BreathBody SlamDark Pulse
25Nidoqueen (Shadow)Poison JabPoison FangEarth Power
26WigglytuffCharmIce BeamPlay Rough
27WhiscashMud ShotMud BombBlizzard
28Politoed (Shadow)Mud ShotEarthquakeWeather Ball
29Beedrill (Shadow)Poison JabX-ScissorDrill Run
30FroslassPowder SnowAvalancheThunderbolt

Risers, Fallers and New Entries from Season 9

The biggest Pokemon to keep an eye on this season is Trevenant. The spooky tree joined the game as part of the Halloween event and has skyrocketed to second place in the rankings.

Much of the rest of the list is similar to previous seasons, however, the Grass-type meta has been effected, with Venusaur and Meganium both dropping out of the top 30.

The Best of The Rest

While they’ve dropped out of the top 30, Venusaur and Meganium are both viable options. Magnezone is a good option, given the lack of Electric-type Pokemon currently in the meta and Chansey and Vigorith remain solid Normal-type picks.

Best Pokemon GO Great League Team Choices – Season 10

Considering a variety of factors, here are some team choices that we feel will perform well in Season 10 of the GBL.

  • Trevenant/Azumarill/Medicham
  • Bastiodon/Swampert/Cresselia
  • Abomasnow/Skarmory/Galarian Stunfisk
  • Jellicent/Registeel/Machamp
  • Mandibuzz/Cofagrigus/Alolan Ninetales
  • Sableye/Nidoqueen/Whiscash
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