Best Pokemon GO Ultra League UL Premier Classic Team Season 10

January 24, 2022

Pokemon GO’s GO Battle League Season 10 is entering its final rotations, with players now looking out for the best Pokemon and best team combinations for the Ultra League Premier Classic once again.

With the meta constantly shifting and Pokemon getting a range of new moves, the best Pokemon and teams are different from season to season. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

Best Ultra League Premier Classic Pokemon Choices for GO Battle League Season 10

To pick the best team, you first need to know what the best Pokemon are. Thanks to PVPoke, they’ve worked that out, so here are the top 30(ish) Pokemon you can choose.

  • Walrein – Powder Snow/Icicle Spear/Earthquake
  • Trevenant – Shadow Claw/Seed Bomb/Shadow Ball
  • Swampert – Mud Shot/Hydro Cannon/Earthquake
  • Nidoqueen (Shadow) – Poison Jab/Poison Fang/Earth Power
  • Escavalier – Counter/Drill Run/Megahorn
  • Sirfetch’d – Counter/Leaf Blade/Brave Bird
  • Machamp – Counter/Cross Chop/Rock Slide
  • Sylveon – Charm/Moonblast/Psyshock
  • Magnezone (Shadow) – Spark/Wild Charge/Mirror Shot
  • Blaziken – Counter/Blaze Kick/Blast Burn
  • Gliscor – Wing Attack/Night Slash/Earthquake
  • Heracross – Counter/Rock Blast/Close Combat
  • Electivire (Shadow) – Thunder Shock/Wild Charge/Ice Punch
  • Snorlax (Shadow) – Lick/Body Slam/Super Power
  • Flygon (Shadow) – Dragon Tail/Dragon Claw/Earth Power
  • Poliwrath – Mud Shot/Dynamic Punch/Ice Punch
  • Goodra – Dragon Breath/Power Whip/Muddy Water
  • Lucario – Counter/Power-Up Punch/Shadow Ball
  • Hariyama – Counter/Close Combat/Heavy Slam
  • Obstagoon – Counter/Night Slash/Cross Chop
  • Jellicent – Hex/Bubble Beam/Shadow Ball
  • Togekiss – Charm/Aerial Ace/Flamethrower
  • Venusaur (Shadow) – Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant/Sludge Bomb
  • Muk (Alolan) – Snarl/Dark Pulse/Sludge Wave
  • Steelix – Dragon Tail/Crunch/Earthquake
  • Lapras – Ice Shard/Surf/Skull Bash
  • Dragalge – Dragon Tail/Aqua Tail/Outrage
  • Luxray – Spark/Wild Charge/Psychic Fangs
  • Toxicroak – Counter/Mud Bomb/Sludge Bomb
  • Granbull (Shadow) – Charm/Close Combat/Crunch
  • Gyarados – Dragon Breath/Aqua Tail/Crunch

Best Ultra League Premier Classic Team Choices for GO Battle League Season 10

While there isn’t such thing as a “best team”, here are some options you have to make a team to perform the best in the Ultra League Premier Classic in the GO Battle League Season 10.

  • Trevenant/Walrein/Sirfetch’d
  • Togekiss/Heracross/Swampert
  • Escavalier/Magnezone/Blaziken
  • Sylveon/Machamp/Nidoqueen
  • Goodra/Hariyama/Togekiss
  • Snorlax/Flygon/Jellicent
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