The Best Stray Mods To Dig Your Paws Into


Play Stray as a dragon, as a pig, or alongside your friend.

August 5, 2022

A certain wayward cat has been charming felinophile gamers around the world, and modding communities have quickly gathered around Stray to turn it into one of the most imaginatively modded games of recent weeks. 

Our own Jack didn’t love love the game, but we here at DS suspect that might be because he’s a high-functioning automaton programmed to be a ‘dog person.’ In other words, ignore him and feast your eyes on these Stray mods instead. They’re purr-etty awesome.

Splitscreen Co-op Mod


The splitscreen co-op mod for Stray. Created by KangieDanie, this mod lets you add an extra cat to the game simply by pressing F9, which will automatically convert the game to split-screen too. Beware spamming the ‘F9’ key however, as each time you press it an extra cat will spawn!


Both cats in the mod are identical, which is an excuse to smoothly segue into talking about some of the skin mods for Stray out there (you can apply them to Player 1 in the split-screen mod to differentiate between the two cats). 

First-Person Mod


First-person mods for third-person games are pretty much part of the initiation ritual when a modding community gets its hands on a given game. While it’s clearly a bit clunkier than playing Stray in the perspective it was designed for, the first-person mod really makes you wonder whether cats live in perpetual fear of being trampled by the huge number of beings that are way bigger than them.

Garfield – Cartoon Edition


Garfield would be right to feel a little threatened by Stray’s breakout popularity, and may be looking over his shoulder wondering if he may soon be deposed as the world’s foremost ginger cat. To keep the lazy pizza-loving cat in the spotlight, MrMarco1003 has made this mod that puts Garfield into Stray.

It’s hard to imagine Garfield lasting 10 minutes in the mean robot-filled streets of Stray’s Walled City, but by all means try and prove us wrong.

Spyro the Dragon


If you’re looking for a character who’s a little more hardy and self-sufficient, then Spyro the Dragon may be more your speed. 

Sadly, he’s lacking fire breath and has seemingly had his wings clipped as he can’t fly, but he certainly looks the part, with his model having been brought over from the Remastered Spyro trilogy. 

Minecraft Pig


Utterly loveable for its janky voxel charm, you can also play as the iconic pig from Minecraft thanks to Kaijauthentics. It’s fair to say that Stray probably gives a flattering depiction of the pig’s grace and athleticism.

CJ from GTA: San Andreas


There’s something a little settling about seeing GTA: San Andreas hero CJ contorted into feline form, but get past that and it’s endlessly amusing watching CJ clamber up pipes, daintily slink through the streets, and lick his side to clean himself.

Photorealistic Preset (ReShade)


Any self-respecting mod user will have dabbled in Reshade before – the powerful tool that lets modders create powerful shaders that can completely overhaul the palette of a game. This Photorealistic Preset for Stray sharpens the palette, making the contrasts and colours a bit deeper for a more realistic effect.

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