Pokemon GO: Best Ultra League Team for GO Battle League Season 9

By Sam Woods

September 13, 2021

It feels like only yesterday that Pokemon GO’s GO Battle League Season 9 kicked off with the Great League, however, that’s now drawn to a close and we look ahead to the next stage of the competition.

That stage is the Ultra League in which Pokemon with a CP of up to 2,500 are eligible to take part.

As the game constantly evolves though, so does the meta, with different Pokemon appearing and learning new moves. This means that from season to season, different Pokemon will become more or less relevant.

So, to help you out in Season 9, here is a selection of the best Ultra League team options you can choose to guide you to victory.

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Pokemon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies

How Long Will The Ultra League Run For?

This round of the Ultra League will run for exactly two weeks.

It kicks off on September 17 at 1 pm PDT and will finish two weeks later on September 27 at the same time – making way for the Master League to begin.

Pokemon Top 25

According to PVP ranking website PvPoke, here are the top 25 picks for the Ultra League and its upcoming round:

  • Registeel (XL) – Lock On/Focus Blast/Flash Cannon
  • Cresselia – Psycho Cut/Grass Knot/Moonblast
  • Galarian Stunfisk (XL) – Mud Shot/Rock Slide/Earthquake
  • Talonflame (XL) – Incinerate/Brave Bird/Flame Charge
  • Giratina (Altered) – Shadow Claw/Dragon Claw/Shadow Sneak
  • Swampert – Mud Shot/Hydro Cannon/Earthquake
  • Abomasnow (Shadow XL/XL) – Powder Snow/Weather Ball/Energy Ball
  • Steelix (XL) – Dragon Tail/Earthquake/Crunch
  • Regirock – Lock On/Stone Edge/Focus Blast
  • Cofagrigus (XL) – Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball/Psychic
  • Mandibuzz (XL) – Snarl/Foul Play/Aerial Ace
  • Articuno – Ice Shard/Icy Wind/Hurricane
  • Perrserker (XL) – Shadow Claw/Close Combat/Foul Play
  • Ferrothorn (XL) – Bullet Seed/Power Whip/Flash Cannon
  • Nidoqueen (Shadow XL) – Poison Jab/Poison Fang/Earth Power
  • Greedent (XL) – Bullet Seed/Body Slam/Crunch
  • Umbreon (XL) – Snarl/Foul Play/Last Resort
  • Meganium (XL) – Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant, Earthquake
  • Regice (Shadow) – Lock On/Blizzard/Earthquake
  • Lapras (XL) – Ice Shard/Surf/Ice Beam
  • Ninetales (Alolan XL) – Powder Snow/Weather Ball/Psyshock
  • Sylveon – Charm/Moonblast/Psyshock
  • Lugia – Dragon Tail/Sky Attack/Aeroblast
  • Deoxys Defense (XL) – Counter/Psycho Boost/Rock Slide
  • Clefable (XL) – Charm/Moonblast/Meteor Mash
  • Lickilicky (XL) – Lick/Body Slam/Sludge Bomb
  • Politoed (XL) – Mud Shot/Weather Ball/Blizzard
  • Scrafty (XL) – Counter/Foul Play/Power-Up Punch
  • Venusaur (Shadow) – Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant/Sludge Bomb
  • Armored Mewtwo – Confusion/Psystrike/Dynamic Punch
  • Magnezone (Shadow) – Spark/Wild Charge/Mirror Shot

Best Ultra League Team Choices GO Battle League Season 9 – September 2021

Here are some team choices that we feel can help propel you to greatness this season.

  • Registeel/Cresselia/Abomasnow (Shadow XL)
  • Talonflame/Giratina/Magnezone
  • Meganium/Articuno/Sylveon
  • Umbreon/Nidoqueen/Perrserker
  • Lugia/Regirock/Lapras
  • Lickilicky/Deoxys Defense/Mandibuzz

While there is never an official “best Ultra League team” due to a variety of factors, we believe you stand a great chance using one of the above teams.

They’re comprised in such a way that weaknesses are minimised and there is a variety of typings.

Provided you pick a balanced team using the above Pokemon, you should be in with a good shot!

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