Here Are the Best Worst Video Game Halloween Costumes of 2019

If you're looking to dress up as your favorite video game character on Halloween, look no further than this guide for the worst ways to do it.

October is finally here, and you know what that means: it’s time to get yourself a PSL and decide on a Halloween costume and just what level of embarrassment you want to put yourself through at your friends’ parties later this month.

Do you aim for the tired trope of the Sexy [Insert Animal Name], or go for the cutesy Couples Costume? Do you aim for the good old Last Minute Costume that you throw together 10 minutes before the party (preferably with little to no effort), or do you actually put Way Too Much Effort into your costume for this year?

If you’re left paralyzed by the wealth of options when it comes to bad video game-related Halloween costumes, have no fear: we’ve saved you a trip to your local strip mall Halloween store and picked out the best ones for you. And by that, I mean the worst.

Adult Giddy Up Inflatable Costume – Fortnite (Spirit Halloween, $59.99)

If you’re looking to understand Fortnite as more than just the game that all the kids are playing these days…I don’t think this costume will help you out at all, frankly. But it will make a great conversation starter.

Adult Crash Bandicoot Costume (Party City, $59.99) 

For when you want to look like a bandicoot that also happens to be capable of murder. WOAH!

Adult Master Chief Costume – Halo Master (Spirit Halloween, $74.99)

Something about the humorously large shoulders on this one makes it completely entertaining, and yet it’s not even one of the worst offenders when it comes to trying to dress up as The Chief.

Deluxe Halo Master Chief Costume for Women (Wholesale Halloween Costumes, $37.71)
That honor for worst offender of dressing up as The Chief goes to this Sexy Master Chief.
Boys Deluxe Sonic The Hedgehog Costume (Amazon, $40.66)
And we thought that the movie version looked bad.
Sonic the Hedgehog Men’s Costume (Wholesale Halloween Costumes, $51.21)
I take it all back. This is worse. Much, much worse.

Adult Link Dress Costume – The Legend of Zelda (Party City, $39.99)

Look, Link has been mistaken for Zelda plenty of times, but this is a bit of a stretch.

Adult Sora Costume Plus Size – Kingdom Hearts (Party City, $49.99)

Look, we know you were really excited about Kingdom Hearts III…but this might be a little too far.


Women’s Electric Mouse Costume Accessory Kit (Party City, $42.99)

For when you can’t decide between Sexy Animal and Low Effort costume, this fits the bill nicely.

Game Kid Costume – Classic Video Game Halloween Costume & Gamer Cosplay Suit (Amazon, $24.99)

For when you happen to have a passion for gaming AND a complete lack of imagination.


Adult Freddy Fazbear Costume Accessory Kit (Party City, $16.99)

Sexy animal costumes need to have their limits, and well…I think this one hits it.


Child Inflatable Pokeball Costume – Pokemon (Party City, $49.99)

For when you’re seeking mutually assured embarrassment for both you AND your child, this should work just right.

Adult Marcus Fenix Muscle Costume Plus Size – Gears of War (Party City, $49.99)

Nothing screams “overcompensating” like this costume.

Toddler Boys Toad Costume – Super Mario Brothers (Amazon, $34.99)

If a costume ever towed the line between cute and terrifying…I’d say it would be this one.

Plants vs. Zombies Kids Sunflower Costume (Amazon, $34.99)

If a costume ever towed the line between cute and terrifying…actually, yes. This one too.

Morph Waluigi Halloween Costume (Amazon, $24.95)

If you intended to dress up as Waluigi when he’s been left in the dryer for too long, this looks like it will fulfill that oh-so-specific niche.

Morph Super Mario Halloween Costume (Amazon, $27.95)

Oh no.


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