Here Are the Best Worst Video Game Halloween Costumes of 2020

Here Are the Best Worst Video Game Halloween Costumes of 2020

Dressing as your favorite video game character has never looked worse; here are our picks for the best terrible Halloween costumes of 2020.

Given the state of things in 2020, it’s likely that Halloween is going to look a bit different this year. With traditional activities like trick or treating and Halloween parties up in the air, one thing hasn’t changed for All Hallows’ Eve; more bad video game costumes to look forward to and dress up as.

Halloween is right around the corner, and as we did last year, we’re taking a look at what best of the worst that video game-themed costumes have to offer for this year. Whether you’re planning to stay in and dress up or (socially-distanced) get together with friends, here are the best ways to show off your favorite game franchises with the worst Halloween costumes possible.


Disguise Women’s Creeper Classic Adult Costume (Amazon, $33.49-$65.53)

“Sexy Creeper” isn’t usually the look that I imagine most adults are looking for on Halloween, but hey…if that’s what you’re looking for, this is what it’s delivering.


Ace Costume for Kids – Hyper Scape (Party City, $34.99)

Ah yes, a prime Halloween costume pick for the 12 people still playing Hyper Scape.


Leg Avenue Assassin’s Creed (Amazon, $33.75-$161.76)

For when you want to climb up onto your friend’s kitchen table to synchronize a viewpoint AND look stylish doing it.


Adult Deluxe Donkey Kong Costume (Amazon, $56.24-$90.53)

Pair this with a rousing rendition of the DK Rap, and you have yourself a costume that will get you immediately kicked out of any Halloween party.


Child Marshmello Costume (Party City, $39.99)

If you wound up being unable to get a Stay Puft Marshmellow Man costume for your kid this year, you can go for the next best thing by picking up this costume and being immediately called a Boomer by your child.


Disguise Men’s Link Breath of the Wild Deluxe Adult Costume (Amazon, $44.99-$92.55)

Link usually is a pretty badass costume for Halloween but this…well, this ain’t it.


Apex Legends Bloodhound Costume, Video Game Inspired Muscle Padded Jumpsuit and Mask, Child Size (Amazon, $33.45)

Bloodhound has never managed to look both so cute and so terrifying at the same time.


Rubie’s Hello Neighbor Deluxe Child’s Costume, Large (Amazon, $34.99)

If you’re looking to terrify your friends and making sure that your neighbors never speak to you again, this Hello Neighbor costume (like its name implies) should do the trick.



Disguise Women’s Toad Dress Costume (Amazon, $45.16-$65.53)

Toad isn’t exactly the definition of sexy (depending on who you’re asking), but hey, anything goes on Halloween. So, here is Sexy Toad.


Adult Cuphead Costume – Cuphead (Party City, $39.99)

Look, I know Cuphead invaded my dreams for a bit when I was playing the actual game. But this…this is just taking things a bit too far.


JJMS Trading Ltd Adult Super Mario and Friends Costumes, 80’s Retro Plumber Gaming Outfit (Amazon, $18.59-$19.99)

Look, we’ll just be honest and say that no matter what, Waluigi is always a good look for Halloween. Long live the “WAH!” king.


Adult Ezio Hoodie – Assassin’s Creed (Spirit Halloween, $44.99)

Costume based on your favorite video game franchise? Check. Low-effort? Check. Something you might have already had in your closet already? Check, and check.


Deluxe Kingdom Hears Sora Costume for Teens/Adults (Wholesale Halloween Costumes, $58.90)

It wouldn’t be a year without another dubious Sora costumes, and for Kingdom Hearts fans, it’s the best worst look yet.


NEWCOSPLAY Unisex Adult Animal Purple Dragon Pajamas Halloween Costume (Amazon, $25.53)

This costume really gives me more questions than answers. First; why not just say that it’s a Spyro costume? Second; why is Spyro so wide? And third; who would actually wear this?


Fishstick Skin Costume for Kids – Fortnite (Party City, $49.99)

Clearly every child wants to dress up like a demented fish for Halloween, so this should fit the bill nicely.


Adult’s Yoshimoto The Green Dragon Costume (Wholesale Halloween Costumes, $41.90)

Awkward pajama onesie or even more awkward Yoshi costume? You decide!


Nintendo Super Mario Brother’s Yoshi Women’s Costume (Wholesale Halloween Costumes, $51.90)

…on second thought, I don’t think Yoshi fared much better here with this costume, either.


Freddy Fazbear Half Mask – Five Nights at Freddy’s (Spirit Halloween, $12.99)

Unsurprisingly, this may be the most legitimately terrifying costume on this list. So if you’re looking to completely terrify children (and probably your loved ones) for the rest of your life, this should fit the bill nicely.


Child Inflatable Creeper Costume – Minecraft (Party City, $69.99)

This other Minecraft Creeper costume on our list seems ideal if you’re looking for your child to not be able to see, walk, or have any idea of their surroundings on Halloween.


Joyful Controllers Couples Halloween Costume – Unisex Adult Video Game Outfits (Amazon, $39.99)

The ultimate in nerdy couples costumes; let’s just hope that Joy-Con drift doesn’t become too much of a problem with this one.


Minecraft- Steve Prestige Child Costume (Wholesale Halloween Costumes, $48.90)

Look, it was cool finally getting Steve in Smash Bros. and all, but in real life he sticks out even more. And why is Steve so thicc?


Collectible Anime Cutie Adult Costume (Wholesale Halloween Costumes, $58.90)

Pikachu has never looked sexier…?


Adult Merc Gamer Skin Costume Kit (Party City, $59.99)

On the one hand, it should be terrifying that this completes the “gamer look.” On the other hand, this also doesn’t completely surprise me either.


Boys Mario Yoshi Ride-On Costume – Super Mario Brothers (Party City, $39.99)

Look, we understand that this costume is pretty hilarious, but please; don’t subject your child to this. I mean, just look at it:




Do any of these Halloween costumes strike your fancy? Are you planning to dress up in horrible fashion like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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