Bethesda Accidentally Leaks Dishonored 2 (UPDATED)

Bethesda Accidentally Leaks Dishonored 2 (UPDATED)

Bethesda Softworks is at its first E3 press conference, so mistakes might happen. In fact, a big one just happened.

Developers from Arkane Studios (including Creative Director Raph Colantonio) accidentally went live on Bethesda’s Twitch channel, discussing their press conference, and they heavily hinted to an announcement of a new Dishonored, causing an explosion of reports over social networks.

Here are two examples:

Update: The video even went on Youtube for a few seconds, before it was taken down hurriedly by Bethesda with a copyright claim.

BethesdaCopyrightI guess this can be chalked as one of the most hilarious pre-E3 leaks ever. We’re most probably going to hear about it tomorrow, even if of course we should consider this a “rumor” until the actual announcement.

Update 2: below you can see a recording of the relevant part of the stream, cut from the full recording originally posted by YouTube user Chris Wright. You can also find a MP3 recording here.

Ultimately Bethesda had no other choice than to smile and carry on, but looks like there will be more surprises in store.