Bethesda Clones Fallout 76 Inventory Hack Victims, Gifts Atoms and Doubles Inventory

Bethesda Clones Fallout 76 Inventory Hack Victims, Gifts Atoms and Doubles Inventory

Victims of the Fallout 76 inventory hack are being cloned by Bethesda as a way to bring back their stolen items, along with lots of Atoms.

Fallout 76 players toward the end of last year found themselves falling victim to a hack in which their inventories were wiped clean by simply logging onto a server. Bethesda has found a way to restore these items, but it’s a complicated procedure.

For those who may not remember, a new hack was doing the rounds in Fallout 76 which allowed the hacker to swipe a player’s inventory just by being nearby. Bethesda had no fix at the time, and players either had to not play the game or pay for the subscription service to play on a private server.

Bethesda seems to be taking action and helping players restore their inventory items now, as Reddit user, JedediahJedi confirms in a post that features an email from the company.

The email explains that a “clone of your character (with a modified name) will be restored on January 22, 2020.” This clone acts as a backup of the player as they were on December 20, 2019. This means that anything they had in their inventory on that date will be present on the cloned account. The player will also be getting 8,250 Atoms to spend in-game.

You can bag 4000 Atoms (+1000 bonus) for $39.99 on the Microsoft Store so that’s a good number of Atom’s to just be handed over.

Upon logging in, the email states that players will default to their cloned character, however, it’s possible to switch to the original character by jumping onto the character section from the main menu. That’s not all, Bethesda is offering a “Secure Trade” service which will allow players to merge their two characters inventories. Players interested in using this service will meet in-game with a customer support agent who will then help merge the inventories.

Reddit user JedediahJedi edited their post to confirm that “EVERYTHING has been doubled”. As a result, they’re planning to hold a “lottery” and give away their new extra items.

This is certainly good news, however, it appears that each case is different. Reddit user, n0b0d7 claims that Bethesda is giving them 4950 Atoms and a free subscription to Fallout 1stThis is in addition to the cloned character and Secure Trade service.


It seems that Bethesda is dealing these differences based on subscriptions. As n0b0d7 states, their understanding is that those with active subscriptions will get 5-months worth of Atoms, those without a subscription will get 3-months worth of Atoms along with 3-months of Fallout 1st. If you’ve fallen victim to the hack last month and filed a ticket, be sure to check your emails.

Fallout 76 has been under criticism since it launched due to bugs, the way the company handled situations, and the prices of items in the Atom store. However, despite the online depths laughing at how the game only has “two” players as a way to ridicule it, the community still seems to be going strong and sticking by the game. At the time of writing, according to Player Counter, 33,108 players are playing the game online right now.