Bethesda Community Manager Reemphasizes New Vegas DLCs Won’t Continue Past Campaign’s Ending

Back in August 2010 we learned that any downloadable content released for Fallout: New Vegas won’t allow you to play beyond the campaign’s ending due to concluding cutscene issues. Nearly 9 months later with one New Vegas DLC released (Dead Money) and three more still to come (Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road) many wondered if Bethesda’s stance had changed on post-story DLC. After all ¾ of a year is a considerable amount of time for anyone to change their mind. Not to mention that the Honest Hearts story contains a character that has a complicated relationship with one of the main antagonists of Fallout: New Vegas. Sadly, even with all those factors in play there will be no post-game adventures.

Bethesda’s community manager, Matt Grandstaff, has re-confirmed that none of the upcoming New Vegas DLCs “will allow you to play beyond the main quest.” He referenced the previous reasons noted by Fallout: New Vegas developers and their ending cutscene requirements. It’s quite sad that Bethesda hasn’t changed their mind or found a way to incorporate DLC so it doesn’t mess up the end game credits/cutscenes. In a way, post-game play is one of the things that made Fallout 3 an enjoyable game. Expect the Honest Hearts DLC to hit XBLA and PSN (if it’s back up) May 17th.

[Bethesda Forums]

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