Bethesda Confirms The Evil Within 2 Will Provide Players More Freedom To Customize

Bethesda Confirms The Evil Within 2 Will Provide Players More Freedom To Customize

Bethesda plans on giving the players more creative liberties in The Evil Within 2

Earlier today, Bethesda revealed new information regarding The Evil Within 2. The upcoming psychological horror game will feature various ways for players to customize the way they progress through the story.

According to the recent blog post,  players will have more freedom to customize Sebastian as they see fit. Much like its predecessor, The Evil Within 2 will offer players the choice to either playthrough the entire game with stealth or go in guns blazing. On top of that, the sequel will place a bigger emphasis on the outcome of the game depending on the player’s choice.

In addition to the blog post, the publisher also uploaded a new video titled THE EVIL WITHIN 2 – Who Is Your Sebastian? Which further elaborates on how the gameplay has changed since the first title. Players will be able to upgrade Sebastian’s health, stealth skills, combat, recovery, and stamina. Weapon customization from the first game will also return, such as increased ammo in your firearm, or a faster reload time.

Lastly, the publisher discussed how the crafting system would have fewer restrictions than the first game. Meaning that any items obtained during your playthrough can be used at workbenches located at your safe house or one you find on throughout the game. Similar to the crafting feature in The Last of Us, players who take items to the workbench will be able to craft ammo for their various weapons, as well as healing supplies.

If you’d like to see more of The Evil Within 2 you can check out the development diary below this article, some gruesome screenshots as well as the most recent gameplay trailer. The Evil Within 2 will launch on October 13th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.