Bethesda Details Skyrim Creation Kit and Steam Workshop

Bethesda Details Skyrim Creation Kit and Steam Workshop

Bethesda finally came out of the woodwork and gave us some interesting info about the upcoming Skyrim Creation Kit and the Steam Workshop feature.

The Creation Kit seems a lot more powerful than the one for Oblivion and Morrowind, including spiffy features like a native scripting language and real time rendering for light sources.

Steam Workshop also seems very well implemented and solid, even if users will still be able to use popular portals like Skyrim Nexus. It remains to be seen if using Steam Workshop and the Nexus Mod Manager at the same time will be possible (I doubt it, considering that they probably have no way to set common file priorities for textures and models).

Readers of my Skyrim Mod Forge column need not worry, as I will start providing links to both services as soon as Steam Workshop will be available for Skyrim.

Only one thing is still missing: a release date. Bethesda hinted last week at the fact that the creation kit “won’t be too far behind” the upcoming patch 1.4.

As a final note Bethesda teased us with the fact that the company will continue to look into ways to bring mods to consoles.

You can check out a dev diary video detailing the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop below.