Bethesda Director Teases That a New Mobile Game Is in the Works

Bethesda Director Teases That a New Mobile Game Is in the Works

Fallout Shelter's apparent success, has encouraged Bethesda to take a closer look at the mobile market. They already have something in mind.

Fallout Shelter has been considered a success by Bethesda with its reported 50 million registered users since the 2015 launch on iOS and Android devices. Although it’s unclear how much the game has made for Bethesda, its interest in the free-to-play format seems to be apparent by the company’s decision to continue courting the mobile market.

In an interview with GameSpot, Bethesda Director Todd Howard talked about Fallout Shelter‘s success and how it has encouraged the company to continue experimenting with mobile.

“We loved making it so we were ecstatic when it was so successful. It kind of blew us away.

“We do have another mobile project game that we thought about for a while. Based on the Shelter experience, we’re kind of rolling on something new.”

In the interview, Howard added that he believes Bethesda has harnessed the key to having a successful free-to-play structure. He credited meaningful updates and Fallout Shelter‘s “pretty active player base” with the game’s longevity.

Earlier this month, Fallout Shelter was released on Xbox One and PC via Universal Windows Platform. However, as a result of the use of the UWP application, it’s unclear if the game will come to PlayStation 4.