Bethesda Helped a Fan Propose to His Girlfriend and It's Adorable

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By Ben Walker

November 17, 2018

Recently, story broke of Insomniac Games adding a theatre marquee into Marvel’s Spider-Man that popped the question; “Maddie, will you marry me?” for a fan and his girlfriend. Unfortunately, it turned out that the couple had split before the game came out. However, Bethesda have helped a Fallout fan propose and it’s not as crushing.

GrumbleGamer 18 from YouTube enlisted upon the help from his favourite game developer Bethesda Softworks in order to propose to his girlfriend, Bree. He knew of the fate that came upon the Spider-Man couple, and says that “the situation is a lot different, and Bree loves video games. We used to play Skyrim for hours, days even, and when I left my parents place and moved in with her, she bought me an Xbox One with Fallout 4 for Christmas after I’d gotten out of the hospital.”

Sounds like an adorable relationship, and Bethesda must have seen it that way too – as, according to Grumble, an Associate Community Manager representing the company contacted him via Twitter. “She asked for my email and then things FLEW from there.” Grumble reflects, adding that “She asked if I’d be interested in them making a custom poster, with vault boy and vault girl kissing, then the rest was a blur.”

“Bree and I have been doing unboxings on my YouTube channel for the past 2.5 years, and I could never see myself doing it without her. When she’s there with me, all of the words I need to say, anything I’m thinking but normally too nervous to say is easily said. We vibe perfectly in front of the camera, and I realized this was an in for the proposal.

Luckily, that Bethesda got it made swiftly and sent it out to Grumble for him to add into one of his classic unboxing videos. He was surprised that the internet hadn’t spoiled the surprise and that “the weeks leading up were TERRIFYING” because he was frightened the comment sections of his videos would reveal his plans.

You can view the proposal in Grumble’s video below (it’s adorable). I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the times it could go so very right. He only has 700 subscribers, so this was one of my favourite things that Bethesda have done for their low-profile fans in a while. Go subscribe to him!

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