Bethesda’s Parent Company Files New Trademark for “Redfall”

Bethesda’s Parent Company Files New Trademark for “Redfall”

ZeniMax Media Inc. has filed a new trademark for "Redfall" which is potentially a new video game coming from Bethesda.

Last week on September 10, Bethesda Softworks’ parent company ZeniMax Media Inc. filed a new trademark for an upcoming video game.

The trademark was filed for the word “Redfall” and according to the description, it is slated to be used in association with goods and services for “game software for use with computers and video game consoles.” The filing code of 9 also indicates that this is likely for a single-player game as multiplayer games which contain online functionality are typically filed under code 41. All in all, it’s a fairly standard trademark filing for an upcoming piece of software.

The larger question that this filing obviously prompts is as to what franchise or property it could be in association with. The Internet–especially Reddit–is already running away with the idea that Redfall could somehow be related with The Elder Scrolls VI, which was formally announced by Bethesda earlier this year at E3. However, even the Elder Scrolls sleuths on Reddit aren’t really sure how this name would be associated with the franchise, at least not in any ways that would make sense.

Redfall could also be tied to literally any of Bethesda’s properties. From Dishonored, to The Evil Within, to even Wolfenstein–which Pete Hines confirmed last week a third installment of is still planned–Redfall could be in relation with any of Bethesda’s current IP. There’s also the chance it could be a wholly new property that we have yet to hear of, as well.

It’s also important to mention that many companies will often file trademarks in this manner purely to sit on and then often times will never do anything with it. While I’m sure your mind might be running rampant with ideas of what Redfall could be, there’s also a chance it just doesn’t become anything. At the same time, a trademark filing for the word Starfield was how we first learned of that project and that ended up coming to fruition. It’s hard to really ever know with these things.

That said, be sure to give me your best theories down in the comments on just what you think Redfall could be. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.