Bethesda Under Investigation by Law Firm Due to Refund Policy for Fallout 76

A Washington DC-based law firm is looking into an investigation against Bethesda due to their refund policies that left a number of players perplexed

November 27, 2018

Unfortunately, Bethesda hasn’t had a good time of it lately at all since the release of Fallout 76 due to the number of bugs and technical issues the title has seen. Even many gaming websites refusing to review it because of how terrible it is to play, so understandably, players have had enough too and have tried to claim refunds back from Bethesda.

In a post on Reddit, PC owners who bought the game claimed they got a refund for Fallout 76 when they issued a ticket but later on when others tried to get their money back too, Bethesda apparently had second thoughts and backed out leaving some confused gamers wondering why they too didn’t get a refund and that their applications had been refused on the basis that “customers who have downloaded the game are not eligible for a refund”.

This strange behavior drew the attention of a law firm from Washington DC called Migliaccio & Rathod who will look into an investigation surrounding Bethesda’s trade practice. On the law firms website, paralegal Bruno Ortega-Toledo states that:

“Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Bethesda Game Studios for releasing a heavily-glitched game, Fallout 76, and refusing to issue refunds for PC purchasers of the game who found it to be unplayable because of its technical problems. While minor bugs and glitches are expected with the release of most new games, Fallout 76 launched with a 56GB patch that has proven to be but a starting point for the game’s problems…”

“…Gamers who have tried to receive a refund because of the game’s myriad glitches have been unable to do so since they downloaded the game, leaving them to deal with an unplayable experience until patches bring it back to a playable state.”

Although Migliaccio & Rathod is a well-respected law firm with “experience in class action litigation against large corporations, including in cases involving unfair and deceptive trade practices”, as of writing this article, there has been no mention of action taken place in pursuit of Bethesda.

Of course, If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a rebel and you don’t take kindly to being told what to play, you can purchase Fallout 76 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC through Amazon right here.


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