Beware! DualShockers Hits the Track on iRacing

Beware! DualShockers Hits the Track on iRacing

Contrary to what some may believe iRacing has nothing to do with Apple. It’s an extremely realistic PC-based online racing simulator that’s often used by professional racing drivers for their training needs. Due to it’s complexity and level of challenge, it’s not as well known between gamers as popular franchises like Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport or Need For Speed. 

That same complexity is also what makes it unique and relevant, in a market that makes of accessibility an often overestimated goal.

That’s why, here at DualShockers, we decided to take up the challenge and see if iRacing can appeal not only to professional racers, but also to gamers like us. 

Having played a few days already, I can definitely say that the level of challenge is nothing short of what’s advertised, and despite my previous simulated experience that dates back to the legendary Nascar Racing series by Papyrus (that kind of spawned iRacing, considering that David Kaemmer, co-founder of iRacing, was also the co-founder of Papyrus, and iRacing itself is based on code from Nascar Racing 2003 Series), I have to say that learning iRacing‘s racecraft isn’t going to be easy, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be fun.

So stay tuned, because this experience will lead to a full review of iRacing on this site. In the meanwhile, if you’re an experienced iRacing driver and you see a newbie with the DualShockers logo on his car wobbling clumsily around a track, please resist the temptation of putting me out of my misery. I’ll appreciate that.