Beyond Flesh and Blood Combines Sci-Fi and Horror For A New Look At The Apocalypse

Beyond Flesh and Blood Combines Sci-Fi and Horror For A New Look At The Apocalypse

Pixelbomb Games are a small, Manchester-based indie studio with one goal in mind: bring their game, Beyond Flesh and Blood, to a wider audience. To do that, they’ve looked to Kickstarter to crowdfund, polish and market their game, and show you their taste of the apocalypse.

Beyond Flesh and Blood is a 3rd person action shooter set on a dystopian earth, where nuclear fallout has ruined much of the planet. All that’s left is a scattered group of humans living as rebels, while the rest of humanity live in The Tree of Life, an anchored orbital station set on the edge of Earth’s atmosphere.

Beyond Flesh and Blood hopes to bring together themes of dehumanization, political instability and environment disaster with some horror overtures and sci-fi gore, while engaging players with combat against deadly enemies where they must use their environment and tactics to survive.

The player has five goals: to regain strategic control of the city by ripping through urban war zones; to restore the signal uplink to The Tree of Life and work with the U.G.R. to deploy and repair additional signal towers; to fight rebels and upgrade your weapons; to use your Tactical Combat Frame to gain rebel intel by hacking security systems and solve puzzles; and to unlock new locations and fight “grand scale” boss battles. There’s also progression and upgrades to unlock, which include gravity manipulation, powered jumps, dodging, and shock waves.

Beyond Flesh and Blood is currently being developed for the Xbox 360, with more platforms considered as development continues, and with PC and Mac the next priority. With 27 days to go, the game is currently at £677 pledged of its £30,000 goal, with stretch goals to include full voice acting, licensed music, a game engine upgrade for PS3, Mac and Linux support, motion capture for main characters, faster development, and Xbox Smart Glass, Wii U and PS Vita integration. If all goes well, the game will be published in 2014.

Check out the Kickstarter trailer, combat test and concept art below for pre-Alpha footage, and check out the Beyond Flesh and Blood kickstarter page and website for more details, and to support the game.