Beyond Good and Evil 2 Receives New Video Showcasing First In-Engine Game Footage

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Receives New Video Showcasing First In-Engine Game Footage

Ubisoft's Michel Ancel shows off the first in-engine game demo of the currently in development Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Today, Ubisoft has released a new gameplay video showcasing some early test footage of Beyond Good and Evil 2. The video features the game’s creative director, Michel Ancel, as he shows off some concepts and ideas for how he expects the game to play.

As you may have heard, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was properly revealed last week at E3 2017 at the end of Ubisoft’s press briefing with a fantastic new trailer. Since then, we have discovered that the story of the game takes place before that of the first Beyond Good and Evil as well as learning that the game’s main protagonist is customizable and can be either male or female. Additionally, Beyond Good and Evil 2 won our own E3 award for ‘Biggest Shocker’ —  an honor for the most surprising reveal of the show.

The footage that we see in today’s video highlights the massive universe that Ubisoft is planning on creating for Beyond Good and Evil 2 as well as a look at how we will then traverse that world with both our ship and characters. Ancel really highlights how the team at Ubisoft is trying their hardest to create a real, functioning galaxy with an extraordinary sense of scale. While I don’t think this open universe concept is something that many would have expected out of a Beyond Good and Evil sequel, the ideas that Ancel talks about sound promising.

If you are interested in checking out the footage of Beyond Good and Evil 2 for yourself, you can find it below. Once again however, keep in mind that the game is very early in development and what we see here may not reflect what the final product will be like. As of now, Beyond Good and Evil 2 has not announced a released window. The platforms that the game will appear on have also not been disclosed at this time. Strap in, because it might take awhile for us to get our hands on this one.