[Updated] Beyond Good and Evil 2 Detractors Are "Super Entitled Babies," Says David Jaffe

God of War's franchise creator, David Scott Jaffe, believes the negativity surrounding Beyond Good and Evil 2's internet requirements is overblown.

December 25, 2018

Updated: A few hours ago, David Scott Jaffe took to Twitter to reorganize and clarify his thoughts on Beyond Good and Evil 2. The main points, which you can find in the series of Tweets below, is that he was taking the piss, so to speak. He apologized for using the term “entitled,” and instead insists that he meant instead that people shouldn’t be surprised.

Instead, he offers that perhaps we should be upset at gamers who continue to support the move of single-player only games to internet-required experiences.

But, on the other end, Jaffe argues that isn’t a reason to be wholly negative. Positioning the game as a co-op Star Wars, he argues that the new take on Beyond Good and Evil 2 “sounds fantastic”:


Original reporting following:

If you’ve got a problem with the recent announcement that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will require an internet connection, at least one person believes you are blowing it out of proportion. And that person is David Scott Jaffe, creator of both the God of War and Twisted Metal franchises. In a pre-Christmas Tweet, Jaffe took to Twitter to note that gamers dissatisfied with the online-only requirement are “super entitled babies.”

The #HotTake comes from Jaffe’s personal Twitter account. In response to a trending thread on news aggregate site N4G about how Beyond Good and Evil 2 requires an internet connection. Within the comment section, there more than enough users chatting about how unhappy they are about the news, with a few planning on boycotting the game because of it.

In response to this string of comments, Jaffe commented:

Maybe w/everyone off work, the gamers who are super entitled babies now have MORE time to complain!

You can catch that full tweet here:

This tweet ultimately teased one of Jaffe’s Twitch streams slash talk shows that was, like all Jaffe streams, a wild ride. Seriously, the Twitch stream touches on anything from the recent Kevin Spacey video, Beyond Good and Evil 2, the genius of Resident Evil 7: biohazard‘s level design, and the philosophical worldview of atheism. If you’ve got two hours to spend on Christmas Day, go ahead and check that out here:

Watch XMAS EVE CALL IN SHOW from thejaffestream on

However, Jaffe didn’t always focus on negativity — in fact, given that he is getting a lot of praise about the many Game of the Year wins for the franchise he created, he wanted to share the wealth. Jaffe similarly plugged members of the original games’ development team, saying they also deserve praise for building the framework:

Jaffe himself hasn’t been totally free from controversy. After lackluster sales performance on his original game Drawn to Death, he recently announced that his development studio Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency laying off most of its employees and reconsidering the future of the studio.

Currently, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is not confirmed for any release window or console in particular. Feel free to share your opinion on an online-required single player in the comment section below.

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