Beyond Good & Evil 2 Could See a Next-Gen Release

on May 7, 2012 10:22 AM

It appears that someone on the NeoGAF forums got around to translating a video interview with Michael Ancel – the brains behind the cult-classic Beyond Good & Evil – from April 26th that contained some pretty significant information regarding the status of the sequel, Beyond Good & Evil 2. “We won’t make any promises we can’t keep,” Ancel said, “we are in an active creation stage and at this moment we are only focusing on the game and making it the best game we can.”

Ancel’s comments lead fans to further believe that the developers had simply bit off more than they could chew and were thus waiting for the next-generation of consoles so that they could fulfill their expectations. “We focus on the game,” Ancel stated, “We create it first, [and] then we will see what can run it.”

Ancel also dismissed comparisons to Mirror’s Edge; citing Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia as influences on BGAE2’s camera-work and third-person perspective gameplay.

It appears that a release window seems to be the furthest thing from the developers’ minds, at least until the next generation of consoles. Unfortunately for BGAE2 fans that have waited nine years for the sequel, the wait may have just gotten a lot longer.

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