Beyond Good & Evil Resurfaces in New Ubisoft Trademark Filing

Beyond Good & Evil Resurfaces in New Ubisoft Trademark Filing

The long awaited Beyond Good & Evil may be making its way out of development hell — according to a new recent listing in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Ubisoft has filed for “Beyond Good & Evil” under Class 9, 16, 25, 28, 41. Beyond Good & Evil 2 was originally announced eight years ago in 2008, however has been the subject of many delays. Despite that fact, Ubisoft and the game’s creator — Michel Ancel — has repeatedly insisted the game was still in development.

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As mentioned above, the filing includes Class 9 (game software) as well as Class 41 (online component to game software, be it leaderboards to multiplayer). The other classifications are slightly more vague. Class 16 refers to paper products; Class 25 refers to clothes, and Class 28 refers to games and playthings. This may just be Ubisoft hedging its bets just in case they hope to spread the IP to other products.

Also important to note, this by no means assures the game is coming out — Ubisoft may just be protecting the IP. However, trademark registrations are frequently used for pre-announcement preparations for any game.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was the subject of rumors last month when Destructoid received reports the game would be funded by Nintendo and the game would head exclusively to Nintendo NX.

(And in case this needs to be said, this is not an April Fools prank)