Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind Mod Reveal “The New North” Announcement Trailer

Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind Mod Reveal “The New North” Announcement Trailer

The ambitious modding multi-team Beyond Skyrim have announced their brand new trailer for "The New North" as we enter the new year

Beyond Skyrim, the hugely talented team behind their last project where they added the mod Bruma to Elder Scrolls V, have started off 2019 with a bang and unveiled a brand new pre-release gameplay trailer that will excite any Skyrim fan.

In this mod, players will experience Tamriel brought to life into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and have the opportunity to explore the northern islands of Morrowind, which encase the Bleakrock Isle and Sheogorad. But that’s not all as Skyrim enthusiasts will also get to encounter brand new, fully-voiced quests, locations, dungeons, equipment, and more in this expansion mod for Skyrim.

“The basic idea behind Beyond Skyrim is an old one. Recreating the other Provinces of Tamriel which (until the release of Elder Scrolls Online) had only been featured in books, has been a dream of the Elder Scrolls modding community since at least 2002″

In July last year, Director at Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard stated that in his personal preference, Skyrim Remastered won’t ever happen if it was left up to him and that he wanted players to enjoy it for what it now is.

Beyond Skyrim have been working on this for quite some time now, only showing us a tidbit last year in the Morrowind teaser trailer and of course, as yet, no release date has been scheduled, but you can be sure that when that happens you can read all about it here at DualShockers.

You can view the Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind – The New North Announcement Trailer, below until your heart is content. Enjoy!