Billy Mitchell Releases Video Responding to Donkey Kong High Score Controversy

In light of Mitchell having his Donkey Kong high score removed from history, he has now responded with details entailing his next steps to potentially reverse the decision.

on April 15, 2018 6:45 PM

Yesterday, we reported on the recent situation regarding famed gamer Billy Mitchell and the recent scrubbing of his Donkey Kong high score from the record books. Today, Mitchell has released a video responding to everything that has happened.

The video, courtesy of Old School Gamer Magazine, finds Mitchell at the Midwest Gaming Classic. Mitchell states over the course of the nearly minute long video that he believes his Donkey Kong score is legitimate and that he is currently working on bringing forward his case to Twin Galaxies as to why it should still stand.

The basis of Mitchell’s argument it seems is that when he set the record some thirty-plus years ago, the method he used at the time was legitimate. He says that it will take time for him to gather evidence supporting his claims of legitimacy and as he does he will do so with professionalism.

You can find the full video containing Mitchell’s statement at the bottom of the page. While it seems unlikely at this point that Twin Galaxies would reverse its decision to delete Mitchell’s high score, we almost certainly haven’t heard the last from Mitchell who will surely continue to provide new wrinkles in this story moving forward.

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