Binding of Isaac Repentance DLC Still in Development Says McMillen

While Repentance, supposedly the last expansion for The Binding of Isaac, won't be launching this Summer, it should be coming later this year.

If you’re a fan of roguelike, procedurally generated dungeon-diving games, chances are you’re already familiar with The Binding of  Isaac. You’ve also probably beaten the game multiple times with every character, and are wondering when the game’s next expansion will come out. You can now rest assured, as series creator Edmund McMillen has verified that Repentance, the game’s next DLC, is still in development.

Responding to confusion from fans via Twitter, McMillen explained what was happening with Repentance, along with his other titles. “Repentance is obviously still in development,” said McMillen, “We are quite far along, but still need to add a few more bosses, items a cutscene or 2 and bonus things.” In his true fashion, McMillen continued on with more colorful language than I can write. However, he made the point clear that while Repentance was slated to release by the end of the summer, quarantining could push that date back.

As for what to expect from the upcoming expansion, well, there is a lot. The Binding of Isaac wiki already has a page dedicated to confirmed additions coming with Repentance. On the list are a slew of new items, two new floors, two new characters and of course new bosses and enemies. What makes Repentance unique among the game’s other expansions is its unique beginnings. Repentance was originally a fan mod of the game titled Antibirth. Inside the Binding of Isaac community, Antibirth was well received for its tough but fair changes to the game, along with the heaping load of content that it added.

Repentance will be the fourth expansion for The Binding of Isaac when it does eventually come out. The game, which launched originally in 2011 using Adobe Flash as an engine, has since exploded in popularity, due to its immense replay value, raunchy humor and wild item combinations.

If you’re looking to pick up this biblically-themed roguelike, it’s quite easy. The Binding of Isaac is available on all platforms, including Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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