Biomutant Bad Ending Explained - What Happens if You End with Dark Aura

By Sam Woods

May 25, 2021

Running through the core of Experiment 101’s much-anticipated RPG, Biomutant, is an aura system that has an impact on the game’s ending.

The aura system is much like karma systems seen in other titles and effectively determines whether players have played the game with good or bad intentions.

Based on the choices a player makes throughout the game, they may end up with the good, or “light”, ending or the bad or “dark” ending.

Here’s a breakdown of what happens if you end up running through Biomutant with a dark aura and get the bad ending.

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Biomutant Bad Ending Explained


After defeating all four of the World Eaters, players are challenged to fight Lupa Lupin once again.

Your nemesis has six different stages, three above ground and the other three below.

Upon defeating the boss, players can spare or kill him, which, if you’re playing a dark aura run, the answer will probably be to kill him.

Following this, players will be reunited with their allied tribe’s Sifu, who will want to destroy Tree-of-Life when having a dark aura themselves.

Rather than healing the tree, dark aura tribes believe destroying it will obliterate all life on the planet, therefore, allowing nature to rebuild in its own course.

Once this decision has been made, you, your tribe Sifu and anybody else who you have chosen to save will make their way to the spaceship that’s hidden deep underground.

From there, the spaceship is seen ascending up to safety as the tree, and ultimately the planet crumbles around it. With nothing left to sustain life, the Sifu’s plans have come to fruition and theoretically, nature can begin to start anew.

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