Biomutant Class Guide: Which Is The Best Class In Biomutant?

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of all classes to pick the best class in Biomutant.

There is a total of six classes in the Biomutant game, five of which are already available in the game but the sixth one is a preorder bonus class, called the Mercenary class.

Irrespective of the class you choose, you will still be able to unlock all weapons later in the game and develop your character even further. The classes are mainly important for their unique abilities and different stats, which will give you slightly different attributes in the game.

But before we decide on the best class in Biomutant, let’s take a quick look at what abilities and advantages the classes have to offer.

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Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Biomutant Class

1. Commando Class

The Commando class is adept in ranged combat so it comes equipped with an automatic rifle and a one-handed melee weapon. This class focuses on surviving at low health so you will have good chances in pairing melee attacks with a ranged attack every now and then.

  • Starting Perk: Fury – Ranged weapon attacks inflict 10% more damage to the target
  • Best suited for: Those who specialize in Ranged Weapons

2. Dead Eye Class

The Dead Eye class lets you play both as a melee and a ranged character. It comes equipped with a gun and a two-handed sword. It starts off with average stats and a slight boost to Critical Chance.

  • Starting Perk: Perfect Reload – Ranged weapons are reloaded instantly and the next magazine is granted +20% damage
  • Best suited for: Those who specialize in Ranged Weapons

3. Psi Freak Class

The Psi-Freak Class is one of the more complex classes as it doesn’t rely on melee or ranged attacks. Instead, it uses Psionics in combat which is basically like magic. It comes equipped with the base pistol and a pair of Spark Gloves.

Starting Perks:

  • Spark Ball – It throws a ball in the direction you are facing, inflicting damage to the enemy.
  • Megamind – Ki-Energy Regen increased by 20%
  • Best suited for: Those who like to play with magic in RPGs

4. Saboteur Class

The Saboteur is a melee-focused class with a very high melee damage. Since it has the Hypergenetic perk which reduces the cost of dodging, this class is well suited for hit-and-run attacks.

Starting Perks:

  • Twin Silver Grip – Melee Dual Wield Skill – lets you use two different melee weapons simultaneously
  • Hypergenetic – Dodge Energy cost is reduced by 20%
  • Best suited for: Those who prefer melee weapons and close combat

5. Sentinel Class

The Sentinel class has extra defensive capabilities, with a higher base armor than all other classes because of their Toughness perk. It comes equipped with a two-handed crush melee weapon and a starting pistol.

  • Starting Perk: Toughness – Base Armor is increased by 10%
  • Best suited for: Those who prefer close combat

6. Mercenary Class

The Mercenary class seems to be a combination of both the Saboteur and Commando classes. It comes equipped with two swords that can be wielded in each hand simultaneously.

Starting Perk:

  • Twin Silver Grip: Melee Dual Wield Skill – lets you use two different melee weapons simultaneously
  • Fury: Melee weapon attacks inflict 10% more damage to the target
  • Best suited for: Those who prefer close combat with melee weapons

Which Is the Best Class In Biomutant?

Any class in Biomutant is as good as the player who uses it. However, in my opinion, players who are looking for the best classes in Biomutant to play with can go for the Saboteur Class.

The reason for voting Saboteur as one of the best Biomutant class is that it has a better critical hit chance — making it perfect great for both fast-hitting melee and ranged weapons. Plus it has unique perks which make you more agile and grants the ability to dodge attacks better.

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