Biomutant Crossroads Decision - Dark Red or Light Blue?

As players around the globe start to dive into Biomutant, one thing will become abundantly clear.

The game places a huge emphasis on morality and decision making with an underlying aura system.

This system determines many things in the game, including how other characters greet and perceive you and ultimately, which of the game’s endings you will receive.

In Biomutant players are forced into making an early choice at a crossroads, but which decision should you make? Let’s take a look.

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

What is the choice at the Crossroads?

As players finish the character creator and are sent into the big, wide world, they approach a crossroads.

At the fork in the road, the narrator exclaims “We’re already at the crossroads. Choosing a path in life…”

Following his words, the narrator asks to to make “a choice” which is a “reflection of your Ki”.

That choice is whether you are “Dark Red, as in strength and power” or “Light Blue, for freedom and loyalty.”

So, Should You Pick Dark Red or Light Blue in Biomutant?

You’ll be pleased to know, this decision doesn’t make or break the game, but gives you a good jumping off point.

With the aura system, players go down a light path or a dark path, and this is a way Biomutant sets you off on that road.

Should you pick Dark Red, you will instantly start with points in the “Dark” aura section of your personality. As you can imagine, choosing Light Blue will score you some “Light” points with your aura.

Like I say, however, whether you pick Dark Red or Light Blue in Biomutant isn’t the be-all and end-all.

You can start off your path on either, and easily make the decision to switch, choosing decisions throughout the game that swing your morality in a different direction.

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