Biomutant - How to Beat the Hoof Puff Boss Easily

By Sam Woods

May 25, 2021

Scattered throughout the world of Biomutant are four different bosses, known as World Eaters.

Each boss requires a different item and methodology to beat – ranging from a mech to a submarine and more.

The third boss players will run into is the Hoof Puff and requires players to ride around on a horse-like creature while taking it on.

Thankfully, there’s an easy strategy to defeat this World Eater, so, with that in mind, here’s how to beat the Hoof Puff easily.

Biomutant – May The Furrth Trailer

Biomutant – May The Furrth Trailer

How to Beat the Hoof Puff – Information You Should Know

The main thing to note about the Hoof Puff is that you’ll be fighting him in one locale, across three different stages – each one causing the boss to become a little more aggressive.

As the fight goes on, he’ll unload a barrage of different attacks, so it’s best to be prepared to dodge and be stocked up on healing items.

How to Beat Hoof Puff – Stage One

It goes without saying that you and your Mjut will need to avoid taking damage early on.

When riding around the arena, pay attention to the back of the Hoof Puff’s legs. You will notice a pink spot on each joint. Your job will be to shoot these spots, causing damage to the Hoof Puff.

Upon shooting two of the spots, the Hoof Puff will be in a lot of pain giving you a perfect opening.

When he’s yelling out, ride over to him and press Square/X to latch onto its tooth. Then, keep tapping the same button which will cause you to pull its tooth out.

Repeat this process three times, while still causing some ranged damage to the boss and you’ll move onto stage two.

Stage Two

At this point, Hoof Puff grows a peacock-like tail and shoots spines/feathers at you.

After it’s attacked you with its tail, you have an opening. Press L2/LT to shoot some Glittermoths towards the Hoof Puff.

These Glittermoths will distract the monster, allowing you to hook on with Square/X. Repeatedly tap the same button just like before to do some big damage.

TIP: Continue shooting the pink spots on the Hoof Puff’s legs to cause more damage.

Repeat the Glittermoth process a few times and you’ll move onto stage three.

Stage Three

Now the Hoof Puff starts spewing bile.

While it’s more aggressive here, fundamentally, you just do the same as stage two. Dodging its attacks, letting off Glittermoths, hog-tying it and then shooting it. Easy!

And there you have it, that’s how to easily beat the Hoof Puff in Biomutant.

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