Biomutant - How to Fast Travel and Tame Mounts

Here is how to fast travel in Biomutant.

May 24, 2021

Biomutant‘s immersive open-world is quite expansive and there is a lot players can do out there.

Choices play a crucial role in the game and as soon as you begin the game, you have to make some some impactful choices which can change the course of your adventure.

Biomutant – How to fast travel and tame mounts?

Considering the scale of the game’s map, walking or running can take a lot of time to reach the objectives, which are sometimes laid out far apart in the map. Thankfully, there are mounts in the game, which can be used to travel even faster.

You need to tame mounts to be able to ride them, and that can be done by feeding them pips. Mounts are native to specific terrain, so you might need to have a few of them. Once you have tamed a mount, you can just call them whenever you want and they will appear on the map. Simply interact with them to ride your mount.


An even faster way of travelling in Biomutant is using the game’s fast travel option. You can only fast travel to specific locations on the map, and in order to fast travel to that point, you need to visit the place first.

There are yellow flags scattered all around the map. These yellow flags are the fast travel locations. You need to interact with these yellow flags, and your character will mark them. This will unlock that fast travel point.

Once you have the fast travel point unlocked, you can simply fast travel to it by opening the map. These points are denoted by yellow dots in the map, and you can hover your cursor to the specific fast travel point and press the required button to fast travel to that location. These flags are quite easy to miss, so make sure you interact with each of them as these fast travel points help a lot in later stages of the game.

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