Biomutant Mercenary Class - How To Get, Perks And Best Stats

Everything you need to know about this pre-order Bonus Class!

Biomutant is an open-world role-playing game where your experience changes according to the classes and characters you choose.

Classes in Biomutant help you enhance your character‘s abilities and combat style. There are a total of six classes in Biomutant:

  • Dead-Eye
  • Commando
  • Psi-Freak
  • Saboteur
  • Sentinal
  • Mercenary

In this article, we shall learn more about the Mercenary class, its perks, and how you can get it.

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Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

How To Get Biomutant Mercenary Class?

The other five classes are already available to choose from. But the Mercenary class in Biomutant is a special class loadout that can be obtained by preordering the game. It will probably be made available for players to purchase as a DLC later on.

Biomutant Mercenary Class: Explained

Each class specializes in a different combat style, using different equipment, and is assigned with special class abilities which makes them stronger in combat.

The Mercenary class in Biomutant grants dual-wield as a starting ability to the player. With this class, you can wield classic Katana and the shorter Wakizashi blades simultaneously, making you look like a Samurai warrior.

This class seems to be a combination of the Saboteur and Commando classes. The Mercenary imparts greater damage ability and quickness to the player but it can be vulnerable too. So make sure that you are quick and focused while playing with this class.


In Biomutant every class has 5 exclusive perks but the Mercenary’s perks are a mix of perks taken from different classes.

Starting Perk:

  • Twin Silver Grip: It grants the Melee Dual Wield Skill which lets you handle two different melee weapons at once.
  • Fury: It increases the damage inflicted through Melee weapon attacks by 10%

Other Perks:

  • Megamind: Increases Ki-Energy Regen by 20% (spend 1 Upgrade Point to unlock it)
  • Reflexes: Weapon based ranged attacks from enemies have a 10% chance to miss completely (spend 2 Upgrade Points to unlock it)
  • Invincibility: Armor and damage from Melee attacks is increased by 20% when a player is at full health (spend 2 Upgrade Points to unlock it in Level 7)
  • Brutality: Critical Damage from Melee attacks is increased by 10% (spend 2 Upgrade Points to unlock it in Level 15)

Mercenary Class Stats

The Stats in Biomutant regulate everything from damage dealt, damage mitigation, amount of health, and the chances of getting rare loot. The best Mercenary Stats contribute towards the primary Attributes that are:

  • Vitality: Deals in Health and Armor
  • Strength: Deals in Melee
  • Intellect: Deals in Power, Ki-Energy, Ki-Energy Regen
  • Charisma: Deals in Barter
  • Agility: Deals in Move Speed
  • Luck: Deals in Critical Chance and Loot Chance

Each of these Attributes determines your secondary Stats such as Health, Melee Damage, and Movement Speed. So, improving the primary Attributes tends to improve your secondary stats.

To know more about Biomutant Stats in detail, you can refer to the official page.

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