Biomutant Trailer Shows Off Combat, Characters, and a Rideable Hand

Biomutant is in the "end phase of development", so developer Experiment 101 dropped a 10-minute long, content-filled trailer.

Experiment 101‘s Biomutant has been cooking in development for quite a while. The game is a unique-looking action RPG that takes place in a world filled to the brim with mutated animals. if you had any concerns that this game wasn’t going to be absolutely massive, publisher THQ Nordic dropped a new, 10-minute long trailer to show you otherwise. The trailer is chock full of exciting gameplay. Give it a look.

There is so much to unpack from this. I mean, did you see that rideable hand? I can’t recall ever wanting to live in a world where I could ride a mechanized Cousin It, but here we are. Visually, Biomutant continues to look vibrant, even if the environments do seem a little flat. I’ll have to hold out judgment on combat until I get my hands on it; however, Experiment 101 certainly seems to be going for a neat mix of martial arts and guns.

One of the devs joined IGN for an interview. There, they talked a lot about weapon and gear crafting. Not only can you create wild, new weapons, but building clothes for different climates seem to be a focus. The whole interview is worth a listen if you’re interested in the game.

I also can’t wrap up this news piece without mentioning the outposts. It looks like the game could have different, competing factions for you to interact with. Is this something I’ve missed in previous trailers? Either way, if Biomutant has something similar to Shadow of Mordor‘s Nemesis System, I’m even more in that I already was.

In that interview with IGN, the Biomutant devs said they’re entering the “end phase of development”. Hopefully, that means that game is coming soon, but the trailer makes it clear that Biomutant will only release when Experiment 101 is ready.


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