Biomutant Update and Patch Notes Today, June 1 - New 'Extreme' Difficulty Setting

After one week of release, new Biomutant patch notes have arrived today which addresses several of the topics that the developers promised to fix last week.

The Biomutant patch notes 1.4 include a fix for the ‘Old World Gadgets’ achievement, as well as updated combat sound effects, dialogue pacing, a new ‘Extreme’ difficulty setting, and much more!

So let’s take a closer look at the details.

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Biomutant – Release Trailer

Biomutant – Release Trailer

Biomutant Patch Notes 1.4, June 1

The entire patch will be rolled out first on PC followed by Consoles due to the submission process. You can refer to the full patch notes here, but first, let’s discuss the major highlights in brief:

Dialogue & Narrator:

In order to improve the pacing of the early parts of the game, Biomutant developers have edited dialogues to be shorter. Now, there are new options like dialogue setting toggles for “Gibberish” and “Narrator” that allows the players to select whether they want to hear the narrator, the gibberish, or both while talking to NPCs.

Enemies & Loot:

They have also added more enemies and loot to these areas to better represent the experience later in the game. So players will now face more early enemy encounters and find missing loot in the empty trenches outside Jagni Fortress.

Difficulty Settings:

There is a new “Extreme” difficulty setting, where the enemy’s damage and attack rate increase, making the game more challenging for players. But fixed difficulty settings will not be applied for already spawned enemies.

New Game+

With the new Biomutant patch notes, all class perks have been opened up for NG+ games. So now, on starting an NG+ game, the player will now be able to unlock perks from all classes.

Quests & Achievements:

Players had previously reported that their game progress was unable to reach 100% due to unavailable quest states within a single playthrough, but now it has been fixed.

The “Back to the Roots” quest has also been fixed, along with the “Old World Gadgets” trophy which now unlocks correctly after finding old-world gadgets.

So these were some of the major fixes and changes in the new Biomutant patch notes today. For the rest of detailed information, please refer to the patch notes mentioned above.

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