Biomutant Update Today (June 9) - Hotfix & Patch Notes

The update is available for PlayStation consoles right now!

Biomutant definitely got off to a rocky start when it launched on May 25, but the developers have been hard at work taking on board the criticism and attempting to better the game. Speaking of which, a new update was released for Biomutant today (June 9) to fix some issues.

Previously, a large patch was released with plenty of changes. Now, only a few days later, a new hotfix patch has been deployed specifically for PlayStation consoles. DualShockers have got everything you need to know about this sudden update, right here in this article.

Why not check out the official DualShockers review of Biomutant at the link below, once you’ve discovered everything to do with today’s update of course.

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Biomutant – Release Trailer

Biomutant – Release Trailer

Biomutant Update – Patch Notes (June 9)

The developers of Biomutant took to Twitter to announce that a new patch had been deployed for PlayStation consoles on June 9 to combat some issues.

Due to the update being a small hotfix, the developers have not shared any detailed patch notes. However, they did share the following information on Twitter.

“We just released a small hotfix for #Biomutant on PlayStation to address the increasing number of stability issues after patch 1.4 on PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5.”

The update is available to download right now for all PlayStation consoles.

Biomutant 1.4 Update (June 7)

It was only a few short days ago when a large update for Biomutant was released on consoles. There were plenty of changes in the update, including a large amount of bug fixes and changes to the tutorial area.

You can check out the link below to read the full patch notes for the previous Biomutant update to find out more.

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