Biomutant - Where To Find The Bricktown Superb Loot and Gadgets?

Find all the Bricktown Superb Loot to solve puzzles!

The Superb Loot in Bricktown is effectively a crafting item or armour piece that you need to find in Biomutant.

In this Biomutant Bricktown Superb Loot location guide, we shall discuss where to find these collectables and the items that can be used to craft weapons and armor in the game.

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Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Biomutant Bricktown Superb Loot and Old Timey Gadget location guide

Bricktown is located in the Whereabouts Biome sector 4C of the map. Each location in the map has different objectives that you can complete to earn rewards.

There are a total of 3 gadgets and one piece of Superb Loot that you need to find: a washing machine, a toilet, a microwave, plus a filing cabinet containing the Superb Loot.

These items are scattered all over Bricktown in Biomutant and, you will also have to solve mini-puzzles in order to collect them.

Washing Machine Location:

This one can be found in the northeast of Bricktown city in Biomutant, hidden inside a laundromat. You will have to engage with one of the washing machines, and solve a puzzle by spinning the dials to obtain this item.

Toilet Location:

In the ‘elbow’ of the city, you will find the entrance to the second place which is opposite the notice board underground. Keep walking through the building until you reach the stairs leading up. Now look at the opposite direction and there you’ll find a door leading into the toilet.

To obtain this item, interact with the toilet bowl by spin the valves to match the colors.

Microwave Location:

Just near the building where you found the toilet, you’ll find two stores, adjacent to each other. The one on the left looks like a blue hat, and the one on the right will have a cow logo on it.

To obtain the microwave, visit the store with the cow logo and head up the stairs. Here, you’ll find yourself in the kitchen where the microwave is stored. Turn the dials to solve the puzzle and you will get the third Bricktown Superb Loot.

File Cabinet Location For Superb Loot:

The Superb Loot is basically a rare loot crate that lets you craft strong gear out of it. It is located in a filing cabinet that glows.

To find the Superb Loot crate, come out of the store with the microwave, and visit the store on the left side, the one which had a ‘blue hat.’ Now, simply look behind the counter and open the file cabinet that is glowing in golden color.

And that’s it, now you have all the Bricktown Superb Loot and Old Timey Gadgets in Biomutant.

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