Bioshock 2 DLC Preview – Minerva’s Den Video

on August 28, 2010 6:00 PM

Bioshock 2 DLC Preview - Minerva's Den Video

2K games recently released a short video preview of Minverva’s Den, the highly-anticipated DLC for Bioshock 2.

The storyline of Minerva’s Den follows from Bioshock 2, and includes three new playable areas of Rapture, which players explore in the role of Subject Sigma, one of the Big Daddies from the Alpha series. The DLC also includes six new Little Sisters, new weapons, and a new plasmid. Also, players who purchased the Protector Trials pack will receive a Protector Tonic from the Gatherer’s Garden in Minerva’s Den.

Minerva’s Den will be available this Tuesday, August 31, for Xbox 360, and will cost $10. The PC version has not received a release date yet.

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