BioShock 2 Downloadable Content Now Available

on March 12, 2010 3:03 PM

BioShock 2 Downloadable Content Now Available

Ready for some new Rapture goodies? 2K Games has announced that the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, the first DLC for BioShock 2, is now available for download from both the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows for 400 Microsoft Points and from the PlayStation Network for $4.99.More DLC for Bioshock 2 will be released in the coming months.

The Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack will enhance the multi-player experience for Bioshock 2 and here is the rundown for what you get:

Rank increase to level 50 with rank rewards
New playable characters – Louie McGraff and Oscar Calraca
20 new trials**
A third weapon upgrade for each weapon
Five additional masks**
**Some items are only available after a player achieves a rank of 41 or higher.

Be sure to keep fighting the good fight in Rapture.

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