BioShock 2 Metro Pack DLC Out On PC Tomorrow

on May 24, 2010 11:24 AM

BioShock 2 Metro Pack DLC Out On PC Tomorrow

A couple of things in the form of DLC will be coming to owners of BioShock 2 for PC tomorrow. The “Metro Pack” DLC for the multiplayer portion will include six new maps, three new Achievements and a “Rebirth” feature which lets level 50 players restart their careers, and will be available on the Games for Windows Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). If you’re tiring of looking at the same faces shooting you in the face, players will also be able to get a hold of two new multiplayer characters for 160 Microsoft Points ($2); All players will be eligible to freely download the new deathmatch mode, “Kill’Em Kindly,” for free – a mode which is golf club-only (i.e. you run around beating each other unmercifully with nothing more but a club).

A haunting series of game-crashing issues occurred for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners two weeks ago. If you’re wondering if you too, PC owner, will have to sustain a plethora of game crashes, there no need to worry – a patch for the game is set to go live tomorrow with the launch of this expansive DLC. So, hopefully, these problems will finally go bye-bye.

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