BioShock 2 Prep Guide: Plasmids and Tonics

February 4, 2010

If anyone’s excited about next Tuesday, it’s Bioshock fans. Bioshock 2, which releases next week, takes place a decade after the original with Rapture now under control by a woman named Sofia Lamb – who’s very definition of leadership mimic’s that of the late Andrew Ryan. But before you jump into the world of the 70’s filled with an atmosphere of eerie splicers and whatnot, you might want to get to know a bit about the available plasmids and tonics which will be making a comeback to the sequel.

Russ Frushtick of MTV Multiplayer has the goods, and has shed some light on the plasmids and tonics in a little guide aimed to prepare you in your endeavors in Rapture. If you’re one who doesn’t like surprises or the idea of trial and error, this guide might just work for you.

The list includes 10 known single-player plasmids, with the mention of a discrete one no one knew about, and isn’t being talked about (thanks for the tease, Russ). A nostalgic moment might ensue as the majority of the plasmids from the first game have made their way to Bioshock 2 – so it will all be somewhat familiar.

Tonics in Bioshock 2 are broken down into ten categories, which allows the player to temporarily gain  defense, research, melee, loot, elemental, and headshot feats as well as provide you Little Sister with some boosts of her own.

For more information on the plasmids and tonics of BioShock 2, head over to the MTV Multiplayer link provided below.

[MTV Multiplayer]

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